NHL2 and NHL3 looking for GMs

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    The Flames, Avalanche, Islanders and Red Wings are available in NHL2. The Avs, Islanders and Red Wings are recent expansion teams.

    NHL2 - NHL2 - Pro Team Roster

    The Canadiens, Canucks, Red Wings and Wild are available in NHL3.

    NHL3 - NHL3 - Pro Team Roster

    NHL2 has been around since 1997 and is about to start the regular season. NHL3 is finishing its fourth season. It runs the opposite time of year than the NHL and NHL2 so we have a second league being simmed through the summer. Both of our leagues have great GMs. Ratings are based on real NHL performance. We do a lot through the message board.

    Rules - NHL2PA Rules

    We've just recently moved away from using the portal so this main page is very fresh:


    If you're interested, please apply through the contact link on the page above or by e-mailing [email protected]


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