NHL Entry Draft 2006 (Top 30 Europeans)

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by hifk88, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. hifk88

    hifk88 Registered User

    Nov 2, 2005
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    My Top 30:
    1. Nicklas Bäckström SWE C 87
    2. Michael Frolik CZE RW 88
    3. Jesse Joensuu FIN W 87
    4. Jiri Tlusty CZE C 88
    5. Tomas Kana CZE C 87
    6. Yuri Alexandrov RUS D 88
    7. Alexander Vasuynov RUS LW 88
    8. Vladimir Zharkov RUS RW 88
    9. David Ruzicka CZE D 88
    10. Artem Anisimov RUS C 88
    11. David Kveton CZE RW 88
    12. Patrik Berglund SWE C 88
    13. Joonas Lehtivuori FIN D 88
    14. Robin Figren SWE LW 88
    15. Tomas Marcinko SVK D 88
    16. Ondrej Fiala CZE C 87
    17. Ivan Vishnevski RUS D 88
    18. Martin Latal CZE RW 88
    19. Jiri Suchy CZE D 88
    20. Martin Bartos CZE LW 88
    21. Igor Makarov RUS RW 87
    22. Valeri Zhukov RUS D 88
    23. Jonas Ahnlelof-Pihl SWE D 88
    24. Jonas Enlund FIN C 87
    25. Richard Lelkes SVK W 87
    26. Dennis Persson SWE D 88
    27. Eetu Heikkinen FIN D 88
    28. Lukas Zeliska CZE C 88
    29. Tony Lagerström SWE C 88
    30. Robert Nyholm FIN RW 88
    CZE=10, RUS=7, SWE=6, FIN=5, SVK=2.

    1. Riku Helenius FIN G 88
    2. Jhonas Enroth SWE G 88
    3. Niko Hovinen FIN G 88
    4. Reto Berra SWI G 87
    5. Semen Varmalov RUS G 88
    6. Mikko Tolvanen FIN G 88
    7. Stefan Ridderwall SWE G 88
    8. Joel Gistedt SWE G 87
    9. Michal Neuwirth CZE G 88
    10.Juha Toivonen FIN G 87
    FIN=4, SWE=3, SWI=1, RUS=1, CZE=1
    So...What do you think :dunno:
  2. Amadeus

    Amadeus Stand Witness

    Jun 21, 2004
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    Nice list man. Good job. Thanks! :)

    Vasyunov is extremely talented i heard with no heart. In terms of forwards..i would rank him a little higher than Kana. But then again i only saw Kana once. I didnt make out what type of a player he was. Can you pleased enlighten me on him...?
  3. OilerOlli*

    OilerOlli* Guest

    Not bad list imo.
    I would change Frolik and Bäckström and put Vasyunov and Visnevsky a bit higher.
    And you also forget the germans. ;)
    I think Schütz and Müller could be in the 25-30 area for the european prospects.
  4. hawksfan50

    hawksfan50 Registered User

    Feb 27, 2002
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    No--Backstrom is better than Frolik;also the fact that everyone including Central Scouting doesn't have a rating for Jonas Junland (probably the "sleeper pick' of this draft) is totally mystifying to me. He's been the top scoring D-man this year in Super Elit J-20 and Super Elit-J-20 top 8,has good size at 6'2 198...I think I saw 17g+23a in 32GP ...how in the world can he not be even considered?
  5. An Ape called Yoko

    An Ape called Yoko Registered User

    May 15, 2003
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    Its a huge blunder by CSS. Yes. Extremily good offensively. And the amount of points is as you´ve written... 40 points in 32 games so far. The second best defenseman in points has 22 points.

    He just had his international debut with the junior-national team, and was nominated "best defenseman" in a Five-nation-tournament in Germany. Against the chechz in the first game he scored both goals. The first one was a soloraid from the defensive zone, and the second one was a hard slapper from the blueline. Junland rocks! :bow:
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