Next year's WJHC --Danes +Kazaks in....

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by hawksfan50, Jan 9, 2007.

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    156 virtue of winning their 1A and 1B Division U-20 tournaments....

    Gven that Kopitar came out of one of those Division 1 U-20 tournaments (albeit his regular season was in the SEL) --could NHL teams be drafting anyone in round one
    from teams in those Dv I tournaments?....I do not see any Danes on the ISS top 30 list...though a lot of posters from Sweden on the HF boards have raved about Lars Eller--yet the MVP of DIV 1A was Morten Poulsen who is bigger (albeit 9 months older than Eller),and whom I have never heard much about before this,,,any comments about this prospect by those who have seen him?

    Now if the Kazakhs can only get BORAT to do some commercials for their team,it would do more to propel world media interest in the WJHC than any thnng else I can think of...
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