New Treads for the Winged Wheel

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by HFNHL Red Wings, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. In just a little over a week the Red Wings have completed 3 deals as they continue to tweak the team.

    The first deal was between the Wings and Caps which saw underrated Adam Hall shipped out for Kris Versteeg. Versteeg had been on the Wings Radar for also two full years and the team missed opportunities they could have used to draft him and sign him his summer. The team obviously thought highly enough of him to trade Adam Hall after which (coincidentally?) the teams bad streak of only 4 wins in 10 games began.

    The next deal saw veteran goaltender Chris Osgood traded to San Jose for Jason Bacashihua. On hearing the news Chris was elated. "This is the second time in three years that [expletive] Niece has traded me away and never even given me the chance to prove myself. Signing with them this summer was a big mistake."

    The final deal just concluded today answered the question as to why Detroit traded for another goalie in the Osgood deal. The final trade sees Jason Bacashihua, Matt Ellison, and an undisclosed amount of cash heading to Montreal for soon to be RFA Brendan Morrow.
    Aside from the obvious upside of Jason Bacashihua as potential goaltender of the future the Canadiens receive a highly underrated Matt Ellison. After some early season injury troubles this season Ellison has rebounded nicely. Despite only playing 39 games he leads the Phantoms in scoring and as a testimony to his gritty two way play he is one of only two forwards on the team on the positive side of the +/-
    In Morrow the Wings hope to add some missing grit to a team that has been a little too gentle with it's opponents as of late.

    This is hardly the end of trading for this organization however as it attempts to find that ellusive magical team chemistry that makes champions.
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    :amazed: jackets steal brunette, wings steal morrow ... how can the preds ever catch up in this division :help: :(

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