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    Criterias based on modern hockey game where the trap is a reality as well as the quicker time reaction...

    10 = Perfect combinaison of top notch skills, hockey sense, determination and competitor mind (Forsberg, Ovechkin, Lidstrom, Roy)

    9 = Elite overall skills, can dominate the game and change the momentum with regularity (Sakic, Kovalchuk, Iginla, Naslund, Bertuzzi Niedermayer, Jovanovski, Blake, Khabibulin)

    8= Great overall skills, solid first line material, solid first pairing or solid starter

    7= Nice set of skills, good enough to be an effective second liner, second pairing or average starter

    6= Average offensive skills but good hockey sense to be a valuable asset. Nice backup

    5= Grinder, goon or agressive contributor. 6th 7th defenseman. Average backup

    4= AHLer at best

    3= Start to look for Europe

    2= Look for another profession

    1= :shakehead

    A = 100% sure to reach his potential

    B= 75% chances to reach his potential or could drop a notch from what expected

    C= 50/50... May reach, may not, could flop.

    D= 25% chances to reach his potential, long shot, will have to work very hard to make the NHL one day.

    E= Very little chances to reach the NHL one day, the probability are almost null

    F= (special rate) Not good enough to be a decent offensive contributor and too much flaws + lack of hockey sense to be a decent checker or grinder... We could call them fillers... (Perreault, Dagenais, Savage, Traverse...)

    As exemple, this is my personal Habs' top 20 prospects ranking:

    #1: Alexander Perezhogin 8.5 B (I'm 99% sure he will reach it but I have to be fair and wait how it goes in the NHL... At worst he will be a great second line winger)

    #2: Chris Higgins 7.5 A

    #3: Andrei Kostitsyn = 9C (God I would like he reach it!!)

    #4 Tomas Plekanec = 7A

    #5 Kyle Chipchura = 6.5 A (Maybe too much premature to rate him A, but has everything to reach that potential)

    #6 Chris Heino Lindberg 8 C (I believe in this kid very much like you see..)

    #7 Yan Danis 7.5 B (Too much great technically to miss the boat.. Backup at worst)

    #8 Marcel Hossa 7.5 C

    #9 Ron Hainsey 8 D (Ron ron ron... Wake up!!)

    #10 Ryan OByrn 7 C (Go killer boy go!!)

    #11 Jaroslav Halak 7 C

    #12 Duncan Milroy 6.5 C (Nice progression, I started to believe in this kid last rookie tournament)

    #13 Max Lapierre 5.5B (Size, skating, good hockey sense, caractere and decent skills)

    #14 Corey Urquhart 7.5 D (Long shot but highly skilled)

    #15 Oskari Korpikari 6.5 C

    #16 Alexei Yemelin 6.5 C

    #17 Konstantin Korneev 7 D

    #18 Corey Locke 7 D

    #19 Michael Lambert 7 D

    #20 Jonathan Ferland 5 B

    Never saw Grabovski play but could crack this top 20 from what I heard on him..

    Note: To determine the value of prospects:
    A = +0
    B = -1
    C = -2
    D = -3
    E = -4
    F = This rate means everything

    Kostitsyn 9 C = 9-2=7
    Perezhogin 8.5 B = 8.5-1=7.5
    Higgins 7.5 A = 7.5+0=7.5
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