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Discussion in 'The Business of Hockey' started by jacketracket*, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Anyone have a link to team-by-team ticket season ticket revenue totals? Is this sort of info even availabe?

    Mods, my apologies if this is inappropriate --- I know I've seen links to this info before, but it's been a year or so, at least.

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    I've never seen a team-by-team breakdown (seeing as how us fans aren't privy to the URO for each team). The only thing I've seen was the combined league-wide numbers as reported in Levitt's documents. I don't think the players have ever disputed this baseline, they just feel that other revenue sources (e.g. luxury suites) should have been included.

    Gate Receipts Regular Season: $886M
    Gate Receipts Playoff: $111M
    Pre-season and Special games: $50M

    All told that is over $1B in gate revenues (or was before this mess began). Forgetting everything else, there has to be a way to share some of this revenue. After all, you are paying to see two teams... not one.
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