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    The Nashville Predatos had 11 picks in the 2007 draft and, according to team needs, they drafted 9 forwards and 2 defensemen. After Florida won the HFNHL draft lottery, the Predators found themselves picking 3rd overall in the first round - a less than perfect situation for a GM who really only liked one player out of the top 5 ranked skaters.

    Round 1, 3rd overall F Kyle Turris
    NHL: Phoenix, Round 1, 3rd overall

    Turris was the #1 ranked player by the Predators' staff and they were quite surprised when he was still available at the 3rd spot. They wasted no time selecting the BCHL product, well aware that patience will be required. Turris' raw tools are intriguing, and will be further developed and fine-tuned at the University of Wisconsin.

    Round 2, 32nd overall F Colton Gillies
    NHL: Minnesota, Round 1, 16th overall

    A player with a bad season statistically, Gillies fell to the 2nd round of the HFNHL entry draft, right into GM Kapfenbergers lap. At 6'4 Gillies possesses tremendous size and strength, but his real strength is his skating. Those 2 attributes combined make a freight train on skates - a good player to have in the "new" NHL. At this point Gillies' offensive upside seems limited, but he has a lot of time to develop and taking over the role of a top six powerforward is still a possibility.

    Round 2, 35th overall F Simon Hjalmarsson
    NHL: St. Louis, Round 2, 39th overall

    Hjalmarsson is a smallish forward with great offensive skills and vision, equally good as a scorer and as a playmaker. He also likes to play physical and agressively. He has yet to fill out and work on his skating, but it will only be a matter of time before he makes his mark in pro hockey.

    Round 2, 52nd overall F Keven Veilleux
    NHL: Pittsburgh, Round 2, 51st overall

    Another huge forward, Veilleux's qualities are his stickhandling ability and his big-league shot. His skating is good for a guy his size, but he still has to work on it. If Veilleux learns to use his body consistantly and is able to improve his skating, there is no reason to believe, the Predators don't have a future top six winger in their hands.

    Round 3, 62nd overall D John Negrin
    NHL: Calgary, Round 3, 70th overall

    Negrin is a good-skating two-way defenseman with plenty of talent. Injuries during his draft year probably cost him a higher draft position, but the Predators are quite happy with where they got him. Negrin has to work on his consistancy and decision-making.

    Round 3, 80th overall F Dion Knelsen
    NHL: undrafted

    One of the youngest players in the NCAA, Knelsen is a forward with impressive hockey sense, skating and skills. The only knock on him is his size, standing at only 5'9, Knelsen has a long way to go before being able to knock on the NHL's door. But considering his potential, the Predators are happy having him on board.

    Round 4, 101st overall F Michael Biega
    NHL: undrafted

    Another highly-skilled young forward who was passed over, Biega will suit up for Harvard in the NCAA next season. Biega plays a power-forwards game, is a great skater and likes to use his accurate and hard shot. The Predators are happy to unite him with his brother Alex, a 2006 draftee.

    Round 5, 125th overall F Jake Hansen
    NHL: Columbus, Round 3, 68th overall

    Hansen is a forward with superb skating, two-way awareness and very good puck skills. He projects as a good two-way forward in the Kris Draper mold. He will attend the University of Minnesota next season.

    Round 6, 152nd overall D Juraj Mikus
    NHL: Toronto, Round 5, 134th overall

    Mikus is a big defenseman who already has one pro-season under his belt in his native Czech Republic, playing for Dukla Trencin. Standing tall at 6'4, Mikus has to fill out his frame, but could be a wildcard in this draft.

    Round 6, 180th overall F Scott Brannon
    NHL: undrafted

    Brannon is a former high pick in the QMJHL draft and has everything you look for in a hockey player - except consistancy. If he can iron out his weakness, he should be a very good pro on the future.

    Round 7, 203rd overall F Taylor Matson
    NHL: Vancouver, Round 6, 176th overall

    Matson is a similar player like Jake Hansen, but he is smaller. He displays the same two-way awareness and skating quality and like Hansen is member of a solid group of recruits for the University of Minnesota.

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