My u17 Canada hockey team if they ever had one

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by scoutman1, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. scoutman1

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    My U17 team for Canada if they had one..looks pretty good

    Nicola Riopel
    Tyson Sexsmith (starter)

    Ryan Kerr
    Alex Grant
    Stephen Lund
    Mark Katic
    Thomas Hickey
    John Negrin

    Jean-Simon Allard
    Angelo Esposito
    Michael Beiga
    Brad Malone
    Colin Escotte
    John Tavaras
    Colton Gillies
    Dwight King
    Brett Leffler
    Logan Couture
    Zach Torquato
    Mike Pelech

    There is not one person on this team who is a bad player...the lines IMO would look like:

    Esposito - King - Couture (man what a scoting line that would be)
    Biega - Leffler - Malone (another super scoring line)
    Allard - Torquato - Tavaras (man this line has work ethic, power and scoring)
    Gillies - Pelech - Escotte (super skilled and gritty players who work and skate hard)

    Grant - Negrin (A great pearing of defensive play and point skills)
    Kerr - Lund ( a super pear of rushing the puck up the ice and hard hitting)
    Katic - Hickey (another super pearing of offense and great defensive play)

    Sexsmith - Riopel (Sexsmith is a superstar in the making with Riopel as a potential star goalie in the making...two great goalies)
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  2. moosefan

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    Sam Gagner would be one to possibly add to that list...that would be a good U18 team for next year.
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