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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by SidTheKid32389, Jun 24, 2006.

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    This my top 10 mock draft

    1 - St. Louis Blues - Erik Johnson - D - This is probably the safest pick pick in the draft, he is smart, gritty, and just has a unique hockey sense. He is destined for greatness in the NHL this guy is a top two defenseman.

    2 - Pittsburgh Penguins - Jordan Staal - C - Many have overrated him becuase of his infamous name, Carolina has and will trade with the Penguins and give the Pens Jack Johnson to beef up a weak defensive core. This guy has ability both ways he can quarterback the power play and also lay a thundering hit on the other end of the ice. He is also friends with that guy Crosby, but legend has it that once in a movie theater someone called out Crosby and went after him, this guy will stick up for Crosby so the Pens fans don't have to see Eric Cairns act like a goon all the time

    3 - Chicago Blackhawks - Jonathan Toews - C - This guy is highlytouted because of his work ethic and the Blackhawks despertley want him to help out with Ruutu, he has good speed, strength and a great hockey sense, but scouts have said he has a problem shooting the puck, not that he cant shoot, he just doesn't do it enough, which I don't see as a problem cause mostly all the time on a goal theres an assist just as long as someone gets the puck in the net says Toews. This guy could be a Marc Svard type of guy if he works for it.

    4 - Washington Capitals - Nicklas Backstrom - C - This kid is could be playing very well with AO in the future, this kid is said to be the best thing to come out of Sweden since Peter Forsberg, he has absoluly godlike hands, and a hockey sense that has raised his stock in the past three months.

    5 - Boston Bruins - Derick Brassard - C - GM Peter Chiarelli has a knack for drafting guys with a good personality, and Phil Kessel has a bad attitude, Brassard can score as well Kessel but doesnt nhave the speed, his vision to get the puck to the open man is uncomparable.

    6 - Columbus Blue Jackets - Phil Kessel - C - This could go as high as 2nd, but his attitude and work ethic have questioned GM's, his upside on offense is uncomparable in the draft, his speed is unbeleiveable and is sniper if there ever was one. If he wakes up and works on it, he could be scoring 40 - 50 goals alongside Rick Nash someday, he will also put fan in the arena for the strruggling Blue Jackets.

    7 - New York Islanders - Peter Mueller - C - This guy is a defensive forward who can also potentially score 25 -30 goals a season, his size is above average and is just is a competetive juggernaut. This might be a steal for the Islanders.

    8 - Phoenix Coyotes - Kyle Okposo - RW - Okposos stock has risen due mostly to the fact that his character on and off the ice is something Wayne Gretsky would like, he is a grabage picker around the net and just plainly puts the puck where it needs to go.

    9 - Minnesota Wild - Michael Frolik - RW - This guy might be hinging too much on his 2005 perofrmance and not his somewhat disapointing 2006, noone has forgot his puck handling skills and artsy craftsy decisions on the ice, this guy has exciting potential.

    10 - Florida Panthers - Jonathan Bernier - G - The first goalie off the board and maybe not expecting it just until hours until the draft when then Panthers traded there number 1 goaltender tothe Canucks, even though Auld is a above average goaltender he is not a number one goaltender tht cna take a team somewhere, Bernier has the absolutepotential to get there and quick.

    Suggestions? Comments?

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