My idea to make things better in a new CBA

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by The Mighty Duck Man, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Well, the new CBA is just around the corner, and this may or may not be included, but I must say, IMO, there has to be a little something included to help the big spenders out a little, so they aren't restrained by past mistakes.

    One idea might be to allow all buy-outs of contracts signed before the new CBA to not count against the cap. IMO, taking everyone and having a 30-team draft and doing up new teams would be better. Alot of teams will buy-out bad deals, and teams will be left with maybe 4 or 5 guys under contract, and there'll just be this major free agent frenzy. So, I think it'd be better to allow all teams to take one contract, signed pre-CBA, and have it not count against the cap.

    Take Detroit for example. Niklas Lidstrom is paid $3 million more than anyone else on the Wings' roster. But, do you think Detroit wants to buy-out the best defenseman in the league? Or course not. Alot of teams have a player where they'd like to keep the player, but not the contract, and in terms of a cap, I think they should be able to. It's make thinks alot easier for those teams nearly over the cap as it is, and allows them to remain competitive.

    Also, the lower-markets have been compensated enough during this whole CBA mess, especially if there is, and there probably will be, a wieghted lottery. I think the bigger markets deserve some compensation for some past mistakes, and something like this would really help them out. It also makes for better competition for next season, and some of these teams would have to sign tons of depth players just to make roster requirements and be under the cap. The free agency frenzy would also be more even.

    Alot of smaller markets might disagree, because they don't have these types of contracts, and think the bigger markets should be punished for past mistakes, but I think they should be allowed help getting used to the new CBA, and it's time something went their way for a change.
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