My first ever hockey pool, how did i do in the draft?

Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by CanuckGame39, Sep 29, 2013.

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    hey everyone, how did you think i did in the pool? i feel like i took more of a gamble on the young guys, and their potential, but i have alot of faith in most of these guys.

    how do you think i did?

    this is a points pool. G, A, PPP, SHG, GWG, W, L, SO

    1. (6) John Tavares (NYI - C)
    2. (19) Taylor Hall (Edm - LW)
    3. (30) Marc-Andre Fleury (Pit - G)
    4. (43) Tyler Seguin (Dal - C,RW)
    5. (54) Shea Weber (Nsh - D)
    6. (67) Derek Stepan (NYR - C)
    7. (78) David Krejci (Bos - C)
    8. (91) Jonathan Huberdeau (Fla - C,LW)
    9. (102) Kimmo Timonen (Phi - D)
    10. (115) Brian Elliott (StL - G)
    11. (126) Jaromir Jagr (NJ - RW)
    12. (139) Dan Hamhuis (Van - D)
    13. (150) Shane Doan (Pho - LW,RW)
    14. (163) Marek Zidlicky (NJ - D)
    15. (174) Zach Bogosian (Wpg - D)
    16. (187) T.J. Oshie (StL - C,RW)

    the reason i took MA Fleury so early is because by the 3rd round all of the good goalies were taken, so i figured id snatch Fleury up since he has pitts infront of him, cant go wrong there.

    i feel i messed up with my D, i left them too late so i ended up with the scraps. besides Weber.

    also this is a POINTS pool
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    I've never done a points league.. but I'm guessing certain categories have a point value associated with them? E.g. goals = 2 points, SOG = 1/2 point. Or something like that?

    How many teams? My math might be off, I think its a 12-team.

    Cs = Tavares, Stepan, Krecji,
    LW = Hall, Huberdeau (C), Doan (L=RW),
    RW = Seguin (c), Jagr, Oshie (C)
    D= Weber, Timmonen, Hamhuis, Zidlicky, Bogosian,
    G = Fleury, Elliot,

    So I think your forwards are ok. I'm not sure about Seguin as your #1 RW... but maybe he grows up and breaks out. You don't have too much depth on the wings. 2 studs (hall and seguin), but a bit of some question marks after that. Center depth is the best, especially since Hall will likely be granted center eligibility.

    I like Weber as your best dman, and I like Bogosian as your last dman. I'm not a huge fan of everything in between. Timmonen is fine. Hamhuis, meh. Zidlicky meh.

    Your goalies are pretty weak. Fleury at 30 is a reach, but its not horrible. Elliot is your only back up? What if Halak steals the job ? If Halak is available in your league, I'd drop Zidlicky or Bogosian or him. You basically have one 1 goalie, and 1/2 a goalie as your #2 (i doubt he becomes the starter).

    So that's my 2 cents. I have a thread posted today, under fantasy hockey, not too long ago. Take a look if you wouldn't mind.

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