My CBA Proposal (minus "cost certainty", sort of)

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by DanStewart, Dec 8, 2004.

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    Give me your opinion on this whether you think it favors one side or the other or if it might work. The length of this deal would be six years.

    First, the entry level system.
    Four years with a max yearly salary of $850,000 (just like what is speculated in the PA's current proposal) down from 1.3 Million. Signing bonus capped at $500,000. Performance bonuses would be capped at an extra $500,000 per year.

    Second, the proposed rollback on current salaries.
    Owners get to roll back 8% now and then another 5% after four years into the proposed CBA. This protects those players just coming off their entry level contracts from the second roll back while also making sure salaries do not find a way to escalate through loop holes during the life of this CBA.

    Third, contract negotiations.
    Age of UFA is to be 32 years of age. All restricted FA contracts must have a maximum ceiling of an additional 15% from their previous year’s salary, per year, of the contract life. All unrestricted FA contract have a maximum ceiling of an additional 35% from the previous year salary. (egg. if RFA player made 2,000,000.00 in the last year of his latest contract, the highest he can make on his new contract would be 2,300,000.00 in his first year of that contract, 2,645,000.00 in the second year and so on).

    Forth, salary arbitration.
    Allow players who have been in the league for six years (minimum 360 NHL games played) to file with a maximum raise of 30% from that players previous yearly salary. Also, allow owners to take a player to salary arbitration with a salary decrease of 30% maximum on his previous yearly salary. Owners get to take a player to arbitration after that player has been in the NHL for 10+ years (or 600 NHL games played). A buyout option is given to owners, who no longer want the players service, of that current seasons salary only (down from 2/3 of the remaining contract in the old CBA).

    Fifth, luxury tax.
    75 cents on the dollar for anything over 40 Million, an additional 25 cents on the dollar for anything over 50 Million and an additional 25 cents on the dollar for anything over 65 Million. Contracts would be voided by the league on any additional contracts given out if the team salary is over 75 Million. Basically, a hard cap on anything over 75 Million.
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    I could see something similar to your proposal coming to fruition in the near future. I don't agree with all of the rules, but I'm not making the decision either.
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