NHL Entry Draft: Mock Draft Version 3.0

Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Tankhouse, Jun 10, 2011.

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    This is my third draft now, and with so many other mocks out there I think it's safe to say we can forgo the usual descriptions of each player. Most of us are probably familiar with the majority of this years draft class,
    and therefore it's quite unnessasary. I've tried to be as creative as possible going off the beaten path if you will, looking at BPA and positional needs, as well as potential trades, and that's why I've included a quite a few deals. I hope you all enjoy and please comment


    1-EDM- Adam Larsson-D- Just to be different ;)
    2-COL-Ryan Nugent Hopkins-C
    3-FLO-Gabriel Landeskog-F
    4-NJ-Ryan Murphey-D
    5-NYI-Sean Couturier-C
    6-OTT-Johnathan Huberdeau-C
    7-WPG-Mika Zibanejed-C
    8-CLB-Dougie Hamilton-D
    9-BOS via TOR-Nathan Bealieu-D

    *TRADE* At This point I think Brian Burke makes a hard push to trade into the top ten as Ryan Strome drops a few spots and Toronto is big on him
    Toronto Trades #25 #39 and prospect Matt Frattin to Minnesota for Number Ten (not sure if this is fair, I think it's close, but Burke makes it work and if it's not Frattin it will be someone else)

    10-TOR via MIN- Ryan Strome-C

    *TRADE* Colorado thrilled with Nugent Hopkins moves down knowing they can still get the defender they want.
    Calgary Trades #13 and #45 for #11( Calgary knows Armia won't get to them at 13 so they move up, Calgary drafts for skill here)

    11-CAL via COL- Joel Armia-F
    12-CAR-Sven Baertschi-F
    13-COL via CAL-Duncan Siemans-D (The big nasty D man they really want)

    *TRADE* Edmonton really wants to move up and get the center they want
    EDM trades #19 and #31 To DAL for #14

    14-EDM via DAL-Mark McNiell-C
    15-NYR-Mark Scheifele-C
    16-BUF-JT Miller-C
    17-MON- Nikalas Jensen-F
    18-CHI-Tomas Jurco-F
    19-DAL via EDM-Jamie Oleksiak-D
    20-PHO-Tyler Biggs-F
    21-OTT-Jonas Brodin-D

    St Louis wants to get into the first round and this is where they do it.
    STL trades #32 and #41 to ANA for # 22.

    22-STL-Zack Phillips-C

    *TRADE* Nashville has one glaring need. And that is a highly skilled offensive player, as of now they are more of a scoring by commitee team, they move into the first to address this.
    Nashville trades #38 and #52 and forward Michael Latta to PIT for # 23

    23-NASH-Ty Rattie-F
    24-DET-Oscar Klefbom-D
    25-MINN viaTOR via PHI-Boone Jenner-C
    26-WAS-Rocco Grimaldi-F
    27-TB-Connor Murphy-D
    28-SJ-Alex Khokhlachev-F
    29-Tor via BOS- Matt Puempel-F
    30-VAN-Brandon Saad- F


    31-DAL via EDM-Vladislav Namestnikov-C
    32-ANA via STL via COL-Victor Rask-C
    33-FLO-Joe Morrow-D
    34-NYI- Rickard Rakell-F
    35-OTT-Shane Prince-F

    *TRADE* Toronto will almost certainly try and make a pitch to get Stuart Percy if they have used thier 2nd rounder to move up, that means either a prospect or thirds and fourths, for this mock, I'm not touching the third round and beyond so I'll deal with a prospect, although it's possible a pair of later picks or a pick and lesser prospect are used instead. TOR trades prospect Luca Caputi to Chicago for the 36th pick

    36-TOR via CHI via ATL(WPG)-Stuart Percy-D
    37-CLB-Daniel Cattenacci-C
    38-PIT-Phillip Danault-F
    39-MIN viaTOR-Seth Ambroz-F
    40-BOS-Dimitri Jaskin-F
    41-ANA via STL-Brett Ritchie-F
    42-CAR-David Musil-D
    43-CHI- Via TOR via CAL-Logan Shaw-F
    44-COL-Marcus Granlund-F
    45-COL via CAL via NYR -Joel Edmunson-F
    46-STL via BUF-Matthew Nieto-F
    47-FLO via MTL-Stefan Noesen-F
    48-OTTvia CHI-Max Friberg-F
    49-L.A-Scott Oke-F
    50-NYI-Mario Lucia-F
    51-PHO-Tyler Wotherspoon-D
    52-PIT-Ryan Sproul-D
    53-ANA-Lucas Lessio-F
    54-PIT-Gregory Hoffman-F
    55-DET-Samu Perhonen-G
    56-PHO via PHI-Marcel Noebels-F
    57-CAL via NYR via WAS-John Gibson-G
    58-TB-Michael St Croix-F
    59-SJ-Jeremy Boyce Rotevall-F
    60-OTT via BOS-Adam Clendening-D
    61-VAN-Robbie Russo-D
  2. HOCCA Scouting

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    25, 39, and what appears to be an NHL ready prospect? I'd be furious if Burke made this move.

    Make it a Kenny Ryan or someone a bit earlier in their development, I might be ok, but Frattin looks like he's ready right now.
  3. Juxtaposer

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    Dec 21, 2009
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    Bay Area
    The Sharks would more likely take the two guys picked right after them (Puempel, boom-bust high-scoring winger and Clendening, PMD, teammate of top prospect Charlie Coyle)
  4. Pyke*

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    Given the draft is in Minnesota, I sincerely doubt Minnesota drops from 10 to 25+xx.

    I also don't think that's enough.
  5. HockeySensible

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    Couple things. I don't think Frattin, #39 and #25 is enough to move into the top 10, especially if Strome is on the table. The difference between Strome and Frattin/who ever's taken at #25 is too large.

    Second, Chicago isn't trading the #36 for Luca Caputi. He has no chance of cracking Chicago's line-up. High second round picks are valuable, and looking at HockeyDB Caputi missed almost the entire season this year.. 20 total games between the NHL/AHL. So, no thanks.
  6. Connor McJesus

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    So you end up with Strome Puempel and Percy at the expense of 24 39 Frattin and Caputi. Yeah not happening.

    Strome isn't falling to 10. Even then, you'd probably have to offer more than you did for that pick, at least 25 + 29 + Frattin. Even then I don't think it would be enough especially since that pick belongs to Minnesota. Puempel isn't dropping to 29 either. Caputi is a bust and nobody is giving up #36 for him.
  7. Bubba88

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    I like that many have Jurco to CHI.

    why do you think that they pick Jurco?
  8. Sarava

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    West Dundee, IL
    I like the effort you put in with the trades and such. Obviously there's a ridiculous slant towards the Leafs in your mock and trades. Neither the Hawks or Wild make those deals.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2011
  9. madman

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    Steamboat Springs
    Pretty fun mock to read, way to be creative. I love it from an Avs standpoint!

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