MLBPA has been joined by NFLPA and MLSPA in opposing Delaware athlete "brand" bill

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    Bill Detail - Delaware General Assembly
    Link to bill. Passed by Delaware house and senate by June 30. Hasn't yet "reached" the governor's desk; he has ten days to sign or veto bill.

    Official synopsis
    MLB, NFL, MLS unions band together to fight bill that'd...
    Paywall. Athletic article
    ESPN story from after bill passed.

    No vested interest (she writes facetiously and :sarcasm:).

    This bill would allow players to "brand" themselves and in exchange for a lump sum, would pay back investors a portion of future earnings (capped at 15%).

    The unions are concerned that payments could be manipulated for betting purposes. Especially with the change of landscape for betting, there could be a lot more options for manipulation.

    Right now, nothing's happening, but things could happen soon.

    Governor says he wants to talk to interested parties before making decision.

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