MLB Mariners, Safeco Field, and Orioles sued over alleged ADA violations

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    Mariners suit filed back in October, but I only just learned of it via email from Law360 (where suit is continuing and may go before jury).

    Lawsuit alleges ADA violations at Safeco Field
    From October

    Wheelchair users file lawsuit over accessibility at Camden Yards, citing broken lift and blocked views
    And earlier in October 2018, the Orioles were also sued over ADA issues.

    Obviously, social media is a great platform to comment/complain about ADA issues to teams. But some take it further. Lots of areas for concern, and sometimes teams may just not be able to accommodate fans.

    (For instance, ADA rules require ~15% of parking to be "handicapped", yet, there are instances where more attendees need those spaces than are available. Thinking my church parking lot for one.)

    Sounds like Seattle will have to make more (and possibly better sightline) seats available for ADA to resolve their suit.

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