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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by orangeandblack, Dec 13, 2006.

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    His numbers look like hes starting to heat up. I think only one 1990 in the dub has more points. can anyone out in spokane tell me how hes looked? Does he have top 10 potential?

  2. 2 90s have more points. Kyle Beach and Jordan Eberle. I cant comment on Wahl though, as I have never seen him play.
  3. Sore Loser

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    Spokane, WA.
    I live in Spokane, let me see if I can answer your question. I went to a scrimmage game in training camp, and Mitch Wahl was the best player on the ice, including the guys who were here last year, including Grabner and everyone else. He is continual motion on the ice, you never see his feet standing still, he holds his defensive position well, and he's not afraid to go into the corners. The only downside to that might be that he's only 170 pounds soaking wet, so hopefully he bulks up before the draft. Maybe the best compliment you can give him is that his "puck sense" is maybe the best I've seen in the 'dub, wherever he goes, the puck seems to come.

    In all, if he's not a top 15 pick in the '08 draft, it will be a travesty...some say the only reason he fell to 4 in the WHL bantam draft is because he said he didn't want to play for a Canadian team, and then he broke his arm the day before the draft. I think he may be the best player the fans here in Spokane have seen since the Whitney/Falloon connection. These folks have some good years coming, as the team just announced that Jared Cowen has signed, and will join the team for 2 games this month.

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