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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by spintheblackcircle, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Minnesota Wild GM Greg Dockus added a few chips to his stack in free agency this year, signing 2 defenseman and a forward to his team that made the Western Conference semis last year.

    The biggest name (and person) is defenseman Hal Gill. The 6'7'' 31 year old defenseman signed a 4 year contract totalling a little less than $10 million dollars. Dockus also signed Cale Hulse to the blueline on a 2 year deal worth $750,000 a year.

    "We really targeted defense this year," said Dockus. "We contacted Zubov, but he signed for way more than we were willing to give. So we signed two solid defenseman for about $3.8 million a year less than Zubov signed for."

    "With Hamrlik, deVries, Hedican, Hulse, Gill, Cairns, Salvador we feel we have 7 solid guys that can play every night. We are also close to signing Matt Carle and Doug Murray. With those 9 guys and Toskala and Cloutier in net, we think we are going to be a tough team to score against next year."

    The Wild also signed Clarke Wilm, who played a few years back with Minnesota to a 1 year deal for $475,000.

    "Clarke is a solid 4th liner who will see ice time this year for us. We also figure to sign Matt Lombardi soon to skate with the big boys this year. We are very excited about this coming year," Dockus said

    "We wish that we could have picked up Nieminen as an RFA, but we figured the Islanders would re-sign him. We just couldn't offer more than we did. He's a heckuva tough guy to play against and he would fit in with guys like Tucker and Drake and Lapointe up front."

    (oops.....Wilm's RFA offer sheet can be matched...not a done deal)
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