Mini Prospect Anyone??

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Donga, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. Donga

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    Prospect Tourney Anyone??

    I put up a league some time ago which was shot down because of the work load. So now, I've come up with a prospect tourney to be run over the summer months. A bit like the summer league in basketball.

    Here is the info...


    A few goals, I want to achieve with this:

    1. Create an income for teams.
    2. Help whoever get the feel of simming a season
    3. Help with the boredom of the off season.
    4. Try to use the K-I-S-S method of implementing this league.


    Players are automatically eligible if they are on the team’s prospect list except those participating in the NCAA. If a case like a Ryan Kelser was signed in real life, he will still be considered an NCAA player in the HFNHL as he has not signed a contract yet within the HFNHL. Therefore he will not be eligible. If the player is signed early in the HFNHL, the following criteria will follow.

    The player has to be under 25. Has to have played less than 60 NHL games in the past two seasons for skaters while 40 games for tenders or 30 AHL games for skaters or 10 games for tenders. Take for example the Buffalo Sabres Prospect list. Those players will be eligible. So Frolov, Chistov, Ruutu will be able to play. If signed, only Ruutu will be eligible. However Nash and Bouwmeester will not be eligible because of the games.


    There will be a limit for the size of the squad to 25. This should be enough to cover most injuries. Should there be a shortage on players, teams will be allowed to sign players to tryout contract. Should two teams sign the same player, the team with their team sheet in first will get the player and the other team will be notified of this.

    Therefore there will be a total of 750 players in the league.

    Player Ratings

    Give each player an uniform rating based on the rating of the prospect by HF or HFNHL overseer of ratings. Some HF pages don’t update regularly ie Canes. The ratings change +/- 10 depending on rep in the league and plus the league they play in for each catergory.

    For example, a player that is rated 8 has to have a average rating of 85 for everything. The deviations will be in the deviation which affect the overall rating.

    League Setup

    There will one conference. It will be held in one arena. The arena used will be the 15th place team in the draft. For instance, this years tourney will be in Minnesota. Each team will play each other team once. After the this, positional playoffs will occur to figure out the ranking. Therefore, there will be sixteen games in total and should lead to the start of the season. This will keep the season short. Maybe the games can be simmed over the weekend. Almost like the NFL except with 4 divisions.

    However, I will make reservations for those who do not want to participate as some teams do not do these things. I can remember prior to the start of the season, there was one in LA where the kings, sharks, ducks and blues were at each other. This season, the panthers didn’t participate in one while they did last year in Traverse City, from memory. If GM’s don’t put their team in by a certain date, then they won’t be able to join in later.


    Each team will receive the amount of income for each game. Ticket prices will cost $10 and the arena will be assumed full for all of the host teams games while all other games will be 75%. So for this year, the Xcel Energy Center holds 18600 people, then each team will get $186000 for the game they play against the Wild and $139500 for every other game.

    Which means the host team will get maximum payout. In this case by the positional playoffs occur, the Wild would have collected $5,394,000 while the rest of the teams collect $4,092,000.

    During the “playoffsâ€, the top game will attract the max crowd, the percentage will go down with each playoff match. Prize Money will be divided according as well. This is to be discussed.

    This will definitely benefit the host teams. Hopefully, the host can use this money to build on and have a go for the cup.


    There won’t be any trades in the truest sense as such. However should there be a trade in the HFNHL that involves any of the players, GMs will be given the opportunity to change their lists accordingly.


    The duties to be performed:
    1. Simming games
    2. Define player ratings
    3. Entering the player ratings
    4. Player Movements

    This will try and keep the league administration to a minimum. So things like the drafts ie waiver will be omitted. Out of the list, defining and entering player ratings is going to be the most time consuming. Getting player ratings could be done by a committee.

    So comments anyone....
  2. Chuzwazza

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    Call me a skeptic, but we have enough trouble getting everyone to sort out ratings in time to get the season started in October. We did it 2 years ago, but didn't get it done this season. Hell, We didn't even get a season pre-view done! I got about 10 teams done before realising that there was no help coming, and wasn't able to do it all by myself.

    The time it took to put everything in, simple as it may seem will take you 6-10 hours to sort out...and that's a lot of focused time to be spending on one off-season project. throw in teams not having enough players (and there will be many of them...assuming European players can't play either) and it's going to be more work than it's worth.

    If we're going to do something like this...i'd rather see a World champs setup, where we already have the ratings, and just need to align players with new teams. If we wanted to throw in some cash, maybe give 100K per player you have on the gold medal winning team etc.

    I've gotta be honest, I'd rather see us focus our resources on getting the Draft, Free Agency, Ratings etc. done so that things can go smoothly that throw another thing on the table when we're already struggling.

    Don't get me's a nice idea, and a minor league would be sweet, but unless something drastic happens, and we find someone willing to sim AHL type games and a group to sort out signings, ratings etc., plus a few more GM's from minor league clubs, I don't see it working. And we're not there just yet!

    just my 2 cents

    God, I'm starting to SOUND like Drew. must be the constant responsibility of simming games on a nightly basis :D :banana:
  3. Brock

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    While I think this is an awesome idea, definitely one for the future. I just don't think the timing is right. I completely agree with Josh here. I think the main focuses have to be getting the draft in before the actual NHL draft (lol which could be tough) and then doing player re-rates and so forth.

    I think this would be a good idea for the year after, where hopefully things could be a little more set in stone with the league.
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