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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by AmericanDream, Feb 22, 2011.

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    The 6'3 220lb young defensemen has acclimated himself very nicely to the NHL. In 34 games he has 3 goals and 6 assists, not bad for a 23 year old rookie defensman who nobody would have thought would be in the NHL this soon.

    I think what is amazing is the way he handles the point on the power play. This kid has a cannon. I was almost blown away by how smooth he was at keeping the puck in, and making such crisp passes each and every pass.

    The biggest attribute to his game imo, is his shot. This kid as I stated has a cannon, but even more importantly is the way he actually gets pucks through. I have watched the past 5-6 Devils games as I want to see if they can keep this run up, but every game Fayne has been so noticeable on the ice, yet invisible on HF Boards.

    I am not claiming he is the reason this team has done a turn around, but he is certainly one of those reasons why. Of late he is hovering around 18-20 minutes a game in all situations. The kid has tremendous size and strength, but I think most of us are very surprised as to how well he has performed offensively this year.

    If he played all year long, he would be in the running for all rookie team consideration imo. Like Steven Kampfer, both of these kids have come out of practically nowhere and have looked like legit top 4 dmen in the NHL. The Devils definitely have a lot to be happy with of late, and no one more so then Mark Fayne. Check this kid out if you havent done so this year. He is a 5th round pick (155th overall) Gem at this point.
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    He doesn't do anything extremely well but he's very smart. A decent skill set and a good head will keep him in the league a while. Shocked he got accolomated to the game so quickly 1 year out of college.

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