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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by Marc the Habs Fan, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. Marc the Habs Fan

    Marc the Habs Fan Moderator

    Nov 30, 2002
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    My final mock:

    1 - Pens - Crosby

    Absolute no brainer.

    2 - Ducks - Johnson

    Burke always wants a stud young D (Pronger and Jovo), he goes for JJ.

    3 - Canes - Brule

    Carolina is rumored to be very interested. They grab Brule as he is the safest prospect among the elite 6 left. Staal-Brule could be quite a duo down the middle.

    4 - Wild - Pouliot

    The Wild are looking for offence and the slick and skilled Pouliot fits the bill perfectly.

    5 - Habs - Skille

    Disaster. Habs brass was banking on Pouliot or Brule being available and they are gone. They hate Ryan and Kopitar's skating. Habs message boards accross the web go in meltdown mode, many calls for Timmins' and Gainey's head. Note, this is NOT who I want, just what I predict happens. At least Jack S is a PF.

    (for those who are wondering, Timmins went on the radio and questionned Kopitar's skating and has said he loves Skille/Staal/Price and considers them almost equal to the elite 6.)

    6 - Jackets - Kopitar

    The easiest pick after Crosby and JJ in the draft.

    7 - Hawks - Ryan

    The Hawks are laughing their asses off at the Habs as our idiocy allows them to pick arguably the 4th best player in the draft.

    8 - Thrashers - O'Marra

    The ATL grabs O'Marra pretty quickly. A nice safe player with solid goal scoring ability. Could be a solid center to play with Kovy and Heater.

    9 - Senators - Bourret

    Despite the Price rumors, they go with Bourret, a perfect fit for them.

    10 - Canucks - Staal

    The 'Nucks staff wanted Skille but gladly takes Staal.

    11 - Kings - Zagrapan

    Nothing but a hunch here. LA would be a nice fit for the talented center from the Q.

    12 - Sharks - Hanzal

    The Sharks love the Czechs and go back their once again.

    13 - Sabres - Bourdon

    Buffalo needs a D about as baddly as any team out there. They liked Parent, but Bourdon's potential offensive upside wins them over.

    14 - Capitals - Price

    Probably the BPA at this point, the Caps take Price as Ouellet insurance as well.

    15 - Islanders - Parent

    Mad Mike's potentially losing 3 of his big 4 on D, so he feels he has to draft a D and he goes with Parent.

    16 - Rangers - Latendresse

    The Rangers hope to strike gold with the PF from Quebec.

    17 - Coyotes - Rask

    The Yotes think Rask is the BPA and he fills a need. They love it.

    18 - Predators - Cogliano

    Is there a team in the NHL that needs center depth more? The Preds gamble on the extremely skilled young center.

    19 - Red Wings - Bergfors

    The Red Wings are big in Sweden and there's no way they let this talented Swede fall by the wayside.

    20 - Flyers - McArdle

    The Flyers need young talent on the wings and McArdle fits in well with what they are all about.

    21 - Leafs - Lee

    Nothing but a hunch on this one.

    22 - Bruins - Setoguchi

    The Bruins desperately need young forwards and they are thrilled to have the talented Setoguchi fall to them.

    23 - Devils - Pavelec

    A shocker! But the Devils need to start thinking about Brodeur's replacement and this kid is a great goaltending prospect.

    24 - Blues - Stoa

    The Blues need young talent and high end young talent. Stoa could turn out to be one of the better players in this draft with his tools.

    25 - Oilers - Kindl

    The Oilers are thrilled to have the talented Czech fall to them.

    26 - Flames - Durand

    Sutter is one of the toughest GM's to predict when it comes to drafting and this year I predict he goes and grabs Durand. The Flames need offensive talent.

    27 - Avalanche - Bertram

    The Avalanche are in dire need of any kind of young talent, Bertram is a solid fit for this team.

    28 - Stars - Mikkelsson

    The Stars have a lot of decent D's, but they like Mik and think he's the BPA.

    29 - Panthers - Lashoff

    Keenan is elated to get a kid this talented at 29.

    30 - Lightning - Scott Jackson

    The Bolts grab another D with a high pick.
  2. ChemiseBleuHonnete

    ChemiseBleuHonnete Registered User

    Oct 28, 2002
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    as a habs fan, I hate it :)
  3. KH1

    KH1 Registered User

    Apr 5, 2004
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    Under the cap floor
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    I can't stand the idea of the Parent going ahead of Lee, but I'm resigned to the fact that it's probably going to happen.
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