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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by SPG, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. SPG

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    Any of the following are available for 7th round picks.

    Clayton Barthel D (traded 3/6)
    Aaron Dawson D
    Arthur Femenella D
    Max Gordichuk D
    Andrew Joudrey C
    Jens Karlsson LW
    Ryan MacMurchy RW
    Jonathan Paiement D
    Philippe Seydoux D
    Alexander Selujanov D
    Levente Szuper G
    Egor Shastin RW

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  2. I'll tag along with the following player/prospects available for late picks (preferably in 2008) or can bundle them up for a slighly better pick. Unfortunately with the max org size going down to 80 next year I'm even having to inlude a few I would otherwise hold on to.

    7th rounders:
    Eric Himelfarb
    Aaron Voros
    Jeff Pietrasiak
    Emanauel Peter
    Fedor Fedorov
    Milan Bartovic
    Anton Kadeykin
    Owen Fussey

    6th rounders:
    Adam Henrich
    Ned Lukacevic
    Petr Tenkrat - now traded (pending confirmation)
    Stephen Werner
    Mark Flood
    Jason Pitton
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  3. Andrew Chang-Sang

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    washington's list

    I'll throw my two cents in (which ironically is more than some of these guys are worth)

    For 7th rounders....

    D Tuukka Makela,
    C Brad Ralph,
    C Vadim Sozinov,
    LW Sergei Klyazmin,
    G Rastislav Stana,
    G Sylvain Michaud,
    G Brandon Snee,
    D Jean-Francois Fortin,
  4. Ohio Jones

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    Ugh - there's a grim trip down memory lane. Some of my more notable early-round busts included on that list... :shakehead
  5. Default101

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    lol hey why don't i get in here too... any combination of these guys for a 7th rounder...

    Jeff Genovy - C
    Joonas Kemppainen - FW
    Stanislav Balan - C
    Juraj Gracik - RW
    Luca Cereda - C
    Juraj Prokop - RW
    Rob Fried - FW
    Marek Ulehla - FW
    Alexander Kharitonov - RW
    Patrick Wellar - D
    Andy Schneider - D

    unfortunately i wasn't around when the deadline to release prospects were on or i would have dropped a few of these and saved some money lol, anyways any combination wether it be one or all can go for a 7th (preferably in 2007 if not 2008)

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