Injury Report: Loui Eriksson (Update 11/5 - In the lineup!)

Discussion in 'Boston Bruins' started by Lost Horizons, Oct 24, 2013.

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    There's always been a lot of reactionary crap on this site. It comes with the territory. Filtering out that noise for the decent discussion is the key.

    That being said though, I wasn't a fan of this trade from the start, and I still think they got too little back for Seguin. I wasn't against trading him either, just expected more than Eriksson and some AHL fodder for the guy. At the end of the day, Loui is good but not enough. His skill set is something the team already had in spades, so adding him to the roster doesn't improve the team at all. He's basically a slightly more skilled Rich Peverley. That may hurt some fanboys of Loui's to hear, but it's accurate, IMO. I wasn't impressed with his game when he was with Dallas, and I'm even less impressed after seeing him here. Good not great, but solid defensively, and marginal offensively.

    Reality can be a cold slap in the face at times. It sucks, but they didn't get enough for their biggest asset.
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    Let's use his player discussion thread to continue this as he is no longer injured.
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