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Discussion in 'EA Sports NHL' started by StumbleBum7, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Hello, I took last year off of NHL due to travel but am back for this years game and looking to find some people to play with. Ideally I'm looking for a club team that does 3's and 6's that is somewhat competitive. I've usually been good at the game but not super top tier but usually D1 in UT and high ranking in VS. I'm just looking for a team to play with that plays somewhat frequently and is competitive a bit but I can handle losses just want a team that plays more of a team game than only run and gun hockey.

    Also I love to play the VS mode so if there are any leagues or tournaments people are running I am down for that as well. I have a older brother as well who is like minded and looking for the same. I am 30 and live on the east coast for time if that is of interest to anyone.

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    Hello, I have a club that was good in 18, mainly around division 2 and 3. We haven't played too much yet this year due to one of our guys having problems with his Xbox. We play a team game and play as often as we can which is basically every night and how long we play depends on how we are doing. It is me and 2 other guys and we all live in PEI. You and your brother could both join our club. Respond back if interested

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