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Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by Sticky*, Oct 5, 2004.

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    I was just bored and messing around and look what I came up with. It is the roster of the 96-97 Thunder Bay bantam kings. Three NHLers on the roster, and two AHLers another drafted player that never made it to the show, and four other OHL first round picks that did not amount to much. Must have been quite the team though. Auld, Pyatt, Sharp, Jaspers, and MacKenzie. Quite the team. Also a pretty good 99-00 team with Eric Staal, Jeremy Swanson, Thomas Harrison, Mike Krelove, and Zac Tranmer. And 01-02 also with Mitch Maunu(5rd 04) , Tommy Pyatt(potential 2nd in05), Ryan Parent (potential 1st round pick in 05), Ryan Minolletti, Caughell, Trevor Kell (6rd in 06). Not to mention the fact that Marc Staal got cut from that team because they only wanted to have two underagers on that squad (Pyatt and Parent)



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    Way up north...
    And from last years team their is Brent Westley who's now playing Midget AA in hearst and doing very well. Good size,great shot,good speed and also great work ethic.
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