Legwand at the trade deadline...

Discussion in 'Nashville Predators' started by ohnoeszz, Oct 28, 2013.

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    If the Predators arent in the playoff mix as the trade deadline approaches would they consider selling some players for futures?

    Legwand is an upcoming ufa and Nashville strikes me as a team that might consider building for the future (Erat for Forsberg was a great start). Do you see Nashville making a move like this and what do you think it would take for a team to acquire Legwand?

    I understand he has a NTC but this trade would presumably occur with him going to a playoff team as a rental so I don't think he would refuse.

    On a similar note, do you think Cullen could end up being available(if yes, for what?) or is he likely kept through next year?
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    A lot will actually depend on Rinne. If he looks like he's going to be back at full capability, then our "window" doesnt change and we will be looking for things that will make us competitive next year

    Legwand could and should be available at the deadline if we are out of it but we would want a prospect who is almost ready rather than a draft pick.

    If Rinne looks like he's going to be out long term, and we start thinking about a full 2 or 3 year rebuild centered around Hornqvist, Wilson, Jones, Josi and Forsberg then Cullen might be available too

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