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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Toronto_AGM_Adil, May 5, 2007.

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    With a decisive 3-0 win tonight against their historical rivals the Montreal Canadians, the Leafs have secured the divisional title for the north east division. Not only will the Leafs end the season at the head of their division, they have also met and exceeded their contractual obligations for the Synergy endorsement.

    Little has gone as expected in the east this season, especially the former last place Leafs finishing ahead of last years league winner Boston as well as last years stanely cup champion, the Sabres. At the start of last season, many expected the heavy competition that the Leafs would have to face within their own division would be their downfall, however as the season has progressed they have managed to prove them all wrong. When asked about this, GM Chagani said the following "It's always nice to come up ahead in the regular season, especially when you're comming from so far back, however regular season success means fairly little unless it leads to play off success. Right now we're focused on that rather then any mere divisional title." With that being said, GM Chagani has a long way to go, considering that his fairly new team will be entering the playoff for the first time in HFNHL history. With some success comes the expectation of more success, and no town has more expectation then hog town... especially when it comes to the Leafs.
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    Congratulations, guys! :handclap:

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