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Discussion in 'Mock Drafts' started by LAKings88, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. LAKings88

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    1 Chicago-
    Kyle Turris
    Center / 6’ 170 / 8-14-89 / Gp53 G66 A55 Pts121 (BCHL)
    Toews and Turris will make a dynamic duo one day!

    2 Philly-
    James VanRiemsdyk
    Wing / 6’3†200 / 5-4-89 / Gp42 G33 A30 Pts63 (USDP)
    Big, Strong and can score. May be viewed as a safer pick then Kane.

    3 Phoenix-
    Pat Kane
    Wing / 5’9†162 / 10-19-88 / Gp58 G62 A83 Pts145 (OHL)
    Gretz won’t let him fall any further than third.

    4 Los Angeles-
    Karl Alzner
    Defense / 6’2†209 / 9-24-88 / Gp63 G8 A39 Pts47 (WHL)
    Kings have a good group of young forwards in the pipeline already and are thin on
    D.(As a kings fan I’d rather see them go with a forward)

    5 Washington-
    Sam Gagner
    Center / 5’11†190 / 8-10-89 / Gp53 G35 A83 Pts118 (OHL)
    Backstrom and Gagner as top two centers will make for a bright future.

    6 Edmonton-
    Jakub Voracek
    Wing / 6’2†180 / 8-15-89 / Gp59 G23 A63 Pts86 (QMJHL)
    Another Hemsky-ish player to add to their offensive arsenal.

    7 Columbus-
    Keaton Ellerby
    Defense / 6’4†195 / 5-5-88 / Gp69 G2 A23 Pts25 (WHL)
    Columbus seems thin on defensive prospects, they won’t pass on Ellerby.

    8 Boston-
    Alexei Cherepanov
    Wing / 6’1†183 / 1-15-89 / Gp46 G18 A11 Pts29 (Russia)
    The Russian sniper falls a little but will be snagged by the Bruins in hopes of finding
    a franchise player at the 8 spot.

    9 St. Louis-
    Lars Eller
    Center / 6’ 198 / 5-8-89 / Gp39 G18 A37 Pts55 (Sweden Jr)
    With three picks in the 1st round, St. Louis can gamble on the talented Dane.

    10 Florida-
    Angelo Esposito
    Center / 6’1†180 / 2-20-89 / Gp60 G27 A52 Pts79 (QMJHL)
    Wanted to go with a defenseman for FLA but I don’t think they will pass on his
    star potential. Could end up as the face of the franchise “IF†he can live up to

    11 Carolina-
    Mikael Backlund
    Center / 6’ 194 / 3-17-89 / Gp18 G1 A2 Pts3 (Sweden)
    Rough year hurt his draft ranking but his talent is noticeable, Carolina will be
    lucky to have Backlund fall in their laps. Might be the steal of the draft.

    12 Montreal-
    Zach Hamill
    Center / 5’11†180 / 9-23-88 / Gp69 G32 A61 Pts93 (WHL)
    After missing out on Esposito, Montreal will settle for the shifty center and
    take their chances on a defenseman with their other first round pick.

    13 Toronto-
    Logan Couture
    Center / 6’ 188 / 3-28-89 / Gp54 G26 A52 Pts78 (OHL)
    Couture falls out of the top ten and into the waiting arms of Toronto.

    14 Colorado-
    Ryan McDonagh
    Defense / 6’1†200 / 6-13-89 / Gp23 G10 A23 Pts33 (USHS)
    Lots of choices here for Colorado. McDonagh has decent size and is a solid all
    around contributor that will be a nice addition to the Av’s prospect cupboard.

    15 Edmonton-
    Kevin Shattenkirk
    Defense / 5’11†193 / 1-29-89 / Gp48 G12 A22 Pts33 (USDP)
    Edmonton will be happy to add the offensive defensemen to their rearguard

    16 Anaheim-
    Nick Petrecki
    Defense / 6’3†213 / 7-11-89 / Gp54 G11 A14 Pts25 (USHS)
    Defensive prospects are not as strong as their group of forward prospects.
    Petrecki seems like a Brian Burke kind of player.

    17 New York Rangers-
    Oscar Moller
    Ctr/Wing / 5’11†180 / 1-22-89 / Gp68 G32 A37 Pts69 (WHL)
    Just seems like a good fit!

    18 Calgary-
    Brandon Sutter
    Center / 6’3†170 / 2-14-89 / Gp71 G20 A37 Pts57 (WHL)
    Calgary won’t risk letting another team take him, he will be a Flame thanks to a
    little nepotism.

    19 Minnesota-
    Colby Cohen
    Defense / 6’2†200 / 4-25-89 / Gp53 G13 A47 Pts60 (USHL)
    Not getting as much attention as other defensemen and Minnesota could have a
    very nice player drop to them because of it.

    20 Pittsburgh-
    Jon Blum
    Defense / 6’ 163 / 1-30-89 / Gp72 G8 A43 Pts51 (WHL)
    Will have to bulk up. Pittsburgh has a wealth of talent up front and can risk
    taking the skinny offensive defenseman here.

    21 Phoenix-
    Bill Sweatt
    Wing / 6’ 180 / 9-21-88 / Gp30 G9 A17 Pts26 (WCHA)
    Gretzky and Co. add Sweatt’s speed to go along with their talented offensive
    prospects. Look for Phoenix to take defense or goaltending in the next round.

    22 Montreal-
    T.J. Brennan
    Defense / 6’ 204 / 2-10-89 / Gp68 G16 A25 Pts41 (QMJHL)
    Montreal will go defense here if they take a forward first. Brennan seems like a
    rising star in the Q, Montreal may surprise a few people by taking him here.

    23 Philadelphia-
    Colton Gillies
    Center / 6-3 189 / 2-12-89 / Gp65 G13 A17 Pts30 (WHL)
    His tournament play somewhat salvages his draft status. Philly will take a
    chance on him with their second first round pick in hopes of adding a future
    quality role player.

    24 St.Louis-
    David Perron
    Wing / 6’ 180 / 5-28-88 / Gp70 G39 A 44 Pts83 (QMJHL)
    Perron has nice hands and a knack for scoring. Lit up the Q’s playoffs and his
    stock might be on the rise. St. Louis will have a nice group of young forwards in
    a few seasons.

    25 Vancouver-
    Brett Mclean
    Winger / 6-1 196 / 12-24-88 / Gp68 G47 A53 Pts100
    Sedin line may finally get a winger through the draft instead of by other means.

    26 St. Louis
    Thomas Hickey
    Defense / 5’11†182 / 2-8-89 / Gp68 G9 A41 Pts50 (WHL)
    After picking two forwards already, the Blues will go after the offensive
    defenseman with their third first round pick.

    27 Washington-
    Max Pacioretty
    Wing / 6’1†203 / 11-20-88 / Gp60 G21 A42 Pts63 (USHL)
    Washington can go after a defenseman in the next round and won’t miss the
    opportunity to select the offensively gifted winger with upside.

    28 Detroit-
    Joakim Andersson
    Center / 6’2†198 / 4-2-89 / Gp41 G20 A26 Pts46 (Sweden Jr)
    Detroit might mine another talented euro with their late first round pick.

    29 Ottawa
    Dana Tyrell
    Center / 5’10†185 / 3-23-89 / Gp72 G30 A26 Pts56 (WHL)
    Gritty hard working center. Maybe he can become a Mike Fisher type player.

    30 Edmonton-
    Simon Hjarlmarsson
    Wing / 5’11†161/ 2-1-89 / Gp41 G31 A23 Pts54 (Sweden Jr)
    Edmonton takes a chance on the talented thin winger to close out the first

    *Mayorov will fall out of the first round because of the transfer agreement.
  2. rt

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    County Cork
    Kane and Sweatt would have me bouncing off of the walls. That's really the best possible scenario, for us, that's at all reasonable.
  3. zaluty

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    May 30, 2007
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    Nice to see LA picking a dman. That and goaltending are the two question marks.
  4. IkeaMonkey*

    IkeaMonkey* Guest

    I'll cry if the Caps take Gagner with Cherepanov and Voracek on the board.
  5. TheRedressor

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    Oct 3, 2005
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    I'll cry if the Rangers don't take Sweatt and he's on the board.
  6. saskatoonman

    saskatoonman Guest

    Philly wont pass up kane.

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