Khudobin's Powerplay ?Motivation/Anger?

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by Slitty, Jan 4, 2006.

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    At some point in the 3rd period Russia went on its 2nd powerplay of the game. The broke into the zone, seemed to be attacking very dangerously, then the puck was cleared.... but Im really not sure. That is because I was keenly watching Khudobin skate quite a ways out of the net and continously bang his stick on the ice with quite a bit a force for the duration of at least half the powerplay.

    I don't know if they showed Khudobin or the powerplay on TV, but for anyone that was there or saw it somehow... was Khudobin mad? Motivating his team? He seemed to be banging his stick very hard to the point of me thinking he would break it, and he was at it for a long time.

    Sorry to start a new thread moderators, but I really would like to find out about this incident of the game and you have so kindly closed down any attempt at a thread to discuss the game in a general manner in one thread.
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