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Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by dustyrockon, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Hey guys I'm Drafting tonight for a keeper League. Keep 7 players at the end of the year.

    Yahoo Head to Head

    Points include ; shots, blocks, hits, goals, assists , sh points , ppp, gw points and general goalie stats..

    I have been doing some of my own research and crossed a few different hockey top 200 lists including ESPN's keeper list.

    I'm wondering if you guys can give me 7 MUST HAVES for keeper. That can contribute now and later.

    Thanks :)
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    This is impossible to answer. The top 7 players on any ranking will be among the 7 MUST HAVES for keeper, if only because they're supremely elite now so will surely be great for a few seasons.

    What I'll tell you is the general strategy is to think about the next three seasons rather than just this year. Guys in their 30's definitely have value, but it's reduced a bit because of that longevity concern. Rookies and young guys get a bump because presumably they'll be better year to year the next few seasons. Don't discount short-term value - after all, you can only keep 7 so the rest of the roster can be full of good present-day value - but you want a good mix of high-upside and present-day value.

    Hockey doesn't have a ton of keeper rankings so definitely search for them and use them as your guide, but generally the young guys will be move valuable in your league than a seasonal league--think Dahlin, Provorov, Keller, Tolvanen, etc etc.
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