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    On the heels of making outlandish comments, Carolina Hurricanes GM Dion Ong has hit back on some of the comments made by the media columnists around the traps. Ong is not holding back either in today's media conference.

    When asked about the team never making the playoffs, Ong quipped,"The team that I have assembled for my coaches have always been to the playoffs and won Stanley Cups except for the fact that the talent level hasn't caught up yet."

    On Martin Sedin's claims that he has the best top 6 in the league,"Well, what can I say. is there a mental asylum in Florida? Maybe they should send him to Gauntanomo Bay."

    "Sure we didn't make the playoffs last season," said Ong. "I totally agree with Martin on that respect. However, it has come to my attention that their passage into the playoffs were guaranteed even before the season started. I won't elaborate but it's safe to say the police in this great country is onto it."

    On comments made by a columnist in Philadelphia,"If he ever learnt how to spell, he might get some credibility firstly. Also, he is right, BU-FALL-O will fall and the Plyers will rust. As for kicking some derriere, that is what my team will be doing to Buffalo in a few days time."

    On that note, this game has been build up as the Battle Of Australia. So long, Ong has always lived in the shadow of current Stanley Cup GM Josh Pitt.

    "He is good friend," said Ong."It would be good to get one over him. I'll be telling Bryan and Boys to stock up on B Vitamins and Carbs. Because they will need all their energy to beat the boys from Fairyland."

    Having been heavily defeated in the last encounter, the Canes will look to get one back on the Stanley Cup champions.

    "It was tough," said Keith Tkachuk."They showed us that day that we have a long way to go before we even start thinking about the Cup."

    It will interesting to see what happens.

    Carol Lina
    Raleigh Journal.

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