Recalled/Assigned: Jordan Schroeder sent down, Andrew Ebbett called up

Discussion in 'Vancouver Canucks' started by Tiranis, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Boy does AV get a lot of blame here. I guess it's an easy target. Fire the coach herpderp.

    - Early on Garrison on PP didn't work as we all saw. Didn't help the breakouts, unable to make plays with the puck on blue line, bad passes, the rare times he was able to get shots through they were off the mark.
    - Kassian stopped moving his feet and made several bad plays defensively and cost the team some goals and got demoted. For a reason. He's got more minutes lately since he's playing better. Schroeder aswell, while not costing any goals, his intensity and ability to make plays went MIA. He was playing more than enough minutes and doing nothing before demotion.
    - AV wanted right hand shot there with Kesler out. Again, a huge chance given to a young player, and he was unable to do anything with it.
    - Injuries? Certain players not playing as good? Things change. Bieksa being out screwed up the defense. Malhotra, Kesler, Booth, Schroeder, Ebbett moving in and out in offence.
    - Lack of identity and focus? This team had a better start to season (first 17 games) than last 2 years when they've won the PT. Slumping now for sure, but it happens.
    - Broken system that has won the regular season two years straight and in the the other year would've won the Cup too had the lineup not been decimated by injuries. Give me a break.
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    I don't see the point of this unless it's only for Shredder to gain some confidence....
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    They are going to waive someone?
  4. hockeywoot

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    This. ATM Ebbett=Schroeder more or less.
    Yes, JS is more talented, but if you ain't producing you ain't producing.

    This is better for his development.
    At least in the AHL, Schroeder will get more minutes.

    Would have happened sooner if not for the rash of injuries.
    He needs more seasoning.
    Schroeder is not contributing MEANINGFULLY to this team.
    He isn't ready, yet.

    He's got his taste of the big leagues.
    Now he's back down, with some stuff to work on:
    -While not Hodgson-esque :laugh:, his defensive game still needs work.
    -He needs to get stronger on faceoffs.
    -He needs to be willing to go to the dirty areas.
    -**He needs to drive the offense. This will make or break his career.
    He needs to produce.
    People doubted Kadri, but at least he was lighting up the AHL.
    Schroeder's point totals lead more to be desired.

    If you don't bring size, or scoring or shutdown abilities, its hard to see a fit in this league as a player.
    He's already proven he's good enough to be get to play at this level, not enough yet to show he can thrive at this level.

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