Jensen vs Jenner vs Lessio who spins the wheel?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by DJB, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. DJB


    Jan 6, 2009
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    Last year I made the Johansson vs Nino vs Ross who spins the wheel thread and it brough up good discussion.

    Now I am wondering of these 3 possible first rounders is the best of the bunch.

    For those that are able to follow the Generals more often then I am, are they able to tell us if they are linemates, as well as their positives and negatives of the above 3 players.

  2. arsmaster*

    arsmaster* Guest

    Im interested to read about these answers as well, because it would seem Jensen is the bus driver at the moment.
  3. backdoorpass

    backdoorpass Guest

    jensen, lessio, jenner but to be fair i dont know jenner as much but im high on the first two
  4. Sidney the Kidney

    Sidney the Kidney Missing Link

    Jun 29, 2009
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    High-end talent, Jenner may be third on the list. But he's more physical/gritty than the other two, and if anything, a "safer" pick.

    Of the three, and granted it's in limited viewings (about 10 games this year), Lessio has actually impressed me the least. The games I saw, Jensen showed some nice dangling ability and offensive creativity, and Jenner was a hard working, physical leader who scored in clutch situations. Lessio, meanwhile, just seemed more interested in cherry picking and using his speed on the perimeter.

    If Jenner had a bit more natural offensive skill, I'd probably have to use the "Jenner and it's not even close" meme. But as it is, I'd still lean toward Jenner, but with Jensen close, and Lessio a distant third. But again, maybe Lessio just didn't have good games the times I saw the Gens play.
  5. leafmon

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    Jenner - the only one of these three to play in the O last year - there were some questions about his sakating but I think he has put them to rest this year -IMO he won;t be a first line guy but could top out as a second line guy -plays a hard two way game with grit and shows great hockey sense and anticipation without the puck -good penalty killer and has a great compete level every shift and doesn't take nights off

    Jensen -definately has the size ,skating ability and shot to play at the next level -really reminds me of Jeff Carter at the same age not only physically but how he plays-more a big up and down the wing guy with a great wrist shot then a passer or vision guy -good on the PK - has taken his game up a notch with a crazy scoring streak (12G and 8A in 9 games)

    Lessio - good skater and has good finish and puck protection skills - for me there really hasn't been a wow factor and there are games where you have to look for him even though points wise he is right there with the other two

    IMO Jenner has a game that will translate well to the next level. We may not have seen the best of Jensen yet and will have to see how far he rides this crazy streak he is on. Jensen may end up rising the most and could be a real home run. It;s not like Lessio hasn't produced but for me he is third in this group.
    So today it's Jenner ,,Jensen and Lessio but Jensen is closing hard.
  6. The Saw Is the Law

    The Saw Is the Law Registered User

    Jul 31, 2010
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    Johansen vs. Niederreiter vs. Ross

    Now it's

    Bärtschi vs. Rattie vs. Morrow :)
  7. backdoorpass

    backdoorpass Guest

    i just dont understand what jenner playing in the o last year makes him better, all the time kids make a big jump in the summer inbetween that 16 to 17 year old year, he finally has had time to settle in and look what hes doing now, when i saw him play he was unreal in the corners using his body great to keep the puck away from defenders and spin off and make plays and now hes scoring more and hes fine in his own end, when i watched him he seemed like a bobby ryan or more offensively talented nick foligno

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