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    1st Overall: St. Louis Blues
    Erik Johnson, D
    USA National U-18 DP
    6'4'' 222lbs.

    The Blues simply select the best player available for this draft. Johnson is a big hulking defenseman who has the potential to be a Norris candidate in the near future. Chris Pronger clone IMO.

    2nd Overall: Pittsburgh Penguins
    Jonathan Toews, C
    U of North Dakota
    6'1'' 195lbs.

    With so much quality centers on the board, and the fact that the Pens already have Malkin and Crosby down the middle, they go for the safer bet in Toews who's an offensively gifted center who plays a sound two-way game. The Pens can let him developp the way he should while Malkin and Crosby are ripping it up in Pittsburgh. Yzerman/Messier-like..

    3rd Overall: Chicago Blackhawks
    Nicklas Backstrom, C
    Brynas (Sweden)
    6'0'' 183lbs.

    Backstrom is a very dangerous offensive weapon that plays a bit like Peter Forsberg. The Hawks are very happy to get this gem and think he will developp into one of the best center of the league in a couple of years. After some work on his defensive game playing in Sweden with mens, Backstrom should be ready for a full-time job on the Hawks' top two lines. Lesser version of Forsberg.

    4th Overall: Washington Capitals
    Bryan Little, C
    Barrie (OHL)
    5'10'' 190lbs.

    Some might say Little is a reach to go 4th overall but George McPhee surprises everyone by taking Little. He's a bit small but has a nice frame and with a bit more muscle should be a very strong player along the boards. He's also fast-skating in straight race and has a very good on-ice vision. He's very gifted offensively but also knows how to play sound defense. He's a very smart guy and will benefit from playing on a line with Alexander Ovechkin in a couple of years. Reminds me of a weaker Koivu.

    5th Overall: Boston Bruins
    Kyle Okposo, RW
    Des Moines (USHL)
    6'0'' 195lbs.

    This power forward in the making is very strong along the boards and has a huge potential. Boston really likes him and take him 5th overall, they believe he could developp into an in-his-prime Bill Guerin-like type of sniper/power forward.

    6th Overall: Columbus Blue Jackets
    Peter Mueller, C
    Everett (WHL)
    6'2'' 205lbs.

    Mueller has an awesome on-ice vision and is a very good playmaker. He's also good at both ends of the ice and isn't bothered when the play gets physical because of his big frame. Is also right-shooting and good on faceoff. The Jackets are rumoured to be high on him and would like to see him feed Rick Nash or Nikolai Zherdev in a couple of years. Him and Brule will make an awesome 1-2 punch down the middle. Alexei Zhamnov in his prime seems like a good comparison.. Maybe a bit slower.

    7th Overall: New-York Islanders
    Jordan Staal, C
    Peterborough (OHL)
    6'4'' 215lbs.

    Staal falls a bit because of some skating issue.. He dissapeared at the Memorial Cup and that scared a couple of GMs off especially since there were a couple of guys of equal skills to Staal on the board.. The NYI think they lucked out and select him believing he could be just as good as his brother Eric.. Reminds me of Jason Allison..

    8th Overall: Phoenix Coyotes
    Phil Kessel, LW
    U of Minnesota
    6'0'' 189lbs.

    Kessel takes a major drop as the Coyotes draft him 8th overall. He's projected to be a game-breaking 1st line forward but most of GMs scared away from his questionable attitude and bad defensive play. He stil has the highest ceiling of anyone available in this draft (with Vasyunov) and should be a force to be reckoned with in a couple of years. Will the 'Yotes get the steal of the draft? Only time will tell. Upside: Selanne in his best years.

    9th Overall: Minnesota Wild
    David Fischer, D
    Apple Valley (Minny's HS)
    6'3'' 185lbs.

    This incredible athlete has a nice very nice frame and should be one heck of a solid dman for the Wild for years to come. Many believe he will go later in the draft but I do not, as I think this Minnesota native would be a great addition to the Wild's blueline. After wishing Kessel would drop one more spot, the Wild addreses an organisation needs by picking this future top pairing defenseman, who's good all-around. Actually reminds me of a better Mike Van Ryn..

    10th Overall: Florida Panthers
    Michael Frolik, LW
    Kladno (Czech Republic)
    6'1'' 185lbs.

    The Panthers, although rumoured to be taking mister Ty Wishart, decide to go with this offensive dynamo. Frolik didn't have a very good season him who was projected to go #1 or #2 at the start of the season, but the fact that he's coming to N-A next year really made him rise. No one questions his offensive ability, but more his consistency and weither or not he'll be able to adapt to the physical game that is played in the NHL. I see a bit of Hejduk in him..

    11th Overall: Los Angeles Kings
    Riku Helenius, G
    Ilves Jr. (Finland)
    6'3'' 202lbs.

    The Kings decide to draft the first goalie of this draft. This finnish goalie should follow up his peers like Kiprusoff, Toskala, Lehtonen and such en route to make the NHL as a full-time starter. Helenius has a big-frame and has the potential to be a very good starting goalie in the NHL, although that is far from being a sure-thing. Los Angeles has some holes both on defense and in net prospect-wise, and decide that Helenius is a better prospect than any defenseman still on board.

    12th Overall: Atlanta Thrashers
    Derick Brassard, C
    Drummondville (QMJHL)
    6'0'' 172lbs.

    The Thrashers were in need of a future #1 center and lucked out as Derick Brassard drops to them. He has amazing on-ice vision and is a very agile skater, also one of the best playmakers of the draft. He's a bit slim at 172lbs though and that's what made him fall. Will his body resists in the NHL? Only time will tell. I bet Brass is drooling at the fact he could be centering both Kovalchuk and Hossa 2 or 3 years from now. Comparison: A lesser version of Joe Sakic..

    13th Overall: Toronto Maple Leafs
    James Sheppard, RW
    Cape Breton (QMJHL)
    6'1'' 204lbs.

    The Leafs start their 'rebuilding' process by selecting future power forward James Sheppard. Although he needs to work on his skating a bit, Sheppard is an offensively gifted player who plays a power game and is also very smart in his own end. Should be a major force along the boards if he adds some more muscle. Brendan Shanahan-like.

    14th Overall: Vancouver Canucks
    Jiri Tlusty, LW
    Kladno (Czech Republic)
    6'0'' 196lbs.

    Tlusty played a bigger role on the same Kladno team than Frolik but is still selected later. Tlusty is more considered an all-around player and while Frolik's offensive game has way more potential than Tlusty's, the latter is better in his own end. Tlusty should developp into an elite 2nd liner for the Vancouver Canucks in a couple of years. Some says he reminds them of Havlat, but I see more of a hybrid Cajanek in him. We'll see.

    15th Overall: Tampa Bay Lightning
    Michael Forney, LW
    Thief River Falls (Minny's HS)
    6'2'' 185lbs.

    The Bolts select the polished two-way player that is Michael Forney at #15. Although it might be considered a reach, Forney's complete offensive game and strong defensive play makes him a very solid prospect. His upside is a solid 2nd liner, while his downside is a very good 3rd line checker. Forney can do everything well and is a safe bet. Think

    16th Overall: Montreal Canadiens
    Chris Summers, D
    USA National U-18 DP
    6'1'' 180lbs.

    This smooth skating defenseman is exactly what the Habs need. Reminds me a bit of Markov in the sense that he plays a smart defensive game, is not overly physical, and has a very nice vision in the offensive zone. Summers is a better skater but doesn't have the first outlet passes that Markov can dish out. This all-around dman should developp into quite an asset of the Habs' 2nd pairing.

    17th Overall: Minnesota Wild
    Ben Maxwell, C
    Kootenay (WHL)
    6'0'' 177lbs.

    The Wild goes off the board a bit again with this pick. Maxwell is a very agile skater who will fit in well with Minny. He's a sharp playmaker that posseses a very good vision and obviously very gifted offensively. Not necessery strong in his own end but that can be taught unlike his undenied offensive skills. Comparison: what about Mike Comrie?

    18th Overall: Colorado Avalanche
    Ty Wishart, D
    Prince George (WHL)
    6'4'' 205lbs.

    Colorado take the hard-working dman Ty Wishart. Ty is an agile skater for a good his size and his knowed for his strong defensive play. That doesn't mean he can't contribute offensively as he has an above average vision and can dish out some good passes. Reminds me a bit of Craig Rivet.

    19th Overall: Anaheim Ducks
    Bobby Sanguinetti, D
    Owen Sound (OHL)
    6'1'' 174lbs.

    The Ducks take a chance on the falling Sanguinetti. This offensively gifted dman needs to work on his defense a bit. He's got a very nice shot from the point and amazing on-ice vision. He can set up plays like a playmaking center and skates very well. Needs to get more involved in the play when it gets physical though.. Reminds me a bit of Sandis Ozolinsh.

    20th Overall: San Jose Sharks
    Patrik Berglund, C
    Vasteras Jr. (Sweden)
    6'4'' 187lbs.

    The Sharks decide to go for the big Swedish centerman at #20. They think he'll bulk up and fill out his huge frame while becoming a force down the middle to eventually replace Marleau and Thornton. Patrik needs to work on his skating a bit but has very nice offensive tools especially to set up plays. He's responsible in his own end and is a very smart player. Could add some grit and intensity to his game though.. Lesser, and I mean lesser Mats Sundin.. His upside is huge though so we never know..

    21st Overall: NY Rangers
    Alexander Vasyunov, LW
    Yaroslavl Jr. (Russia)
    6'0'' 189lbs.

    The Rangers go for the boom or bust type winger Aleksandr Vasyunov. This guy could become one of the best scorer the NHL has ever known while he could just never step foot in N-A. He has beyond amazing offensive power and is the second best goal-scoring machine of the draft next to Kessel. He's an outstanding speedy skater and if this guy could add some intensity and willingness to his play, he'd be a star in the NHL in a couple of .. months. In-his-prime Kariya with softer hands and a bigger frame seem like a good comparison to me (his upside obviously).

    22nd Overall: Philadelphia Flyers
    Chris Stewart, RW
    Kingston (OHL)
    6'1'' 228lbs.

    Philly doesn't back down from tradition and pick the BIG Chris Stewart, Tony's brother. He posseses a long and powerful stride and is very agile on his skates for a guy his size. He doesn't have a lot of offensive potential but more than makes up for it with his willingness to do anything to win and strong defensive play. He's a smart player who would do anything to win..

    23rd Overall: Washington Capitals
    Jonathan Bernier, G
    Lewiston (QMJHL)
    5'11'' 177lbs.

    Bernier is the next best thing coming out of Quebec as far as goaltender goes. The Caps, having lots of picks early on, decide to take a chance on the falling goalie. Bernier has strong and controlled lateral movement and is a very quick and agile butterfly goaltender. The only knock on him seems to be his size and some also questions if he's strong enough mentally to become an NHL starter.

    24th Overall: Buffalo Sabres
    Claude Giroux, C
    Gatineau (QMJHL)
    5'10'' 169lbs.

    Buffalo takes Claude Giroux at #24 who many feels has the skills to be selected way before this. Reminds me of Daniel Briere, so the Sabres are a good fit for him. He's a fast and agile skater, and an outstanding playmaker. Needs to get stronger and bigger though, and maybe work on his defensive game, but we can't deny his offensive potential.

    25th Overall: New Jersey Devils
    Mark Mitera, D
    U of Michigan
    6'3'' 202lbs.

    The Devils take a bit of a reach in Mitera at #25. He's a guy who's very strong on his skates and can move the puck effectively, although he's mainly considered a defensive dman who can pinch in at times in the o-zone. He's safe bet and is very big, and the Devils need some defenseman to shore up their blueline prospect-wise, so he's a good choice right here. He can be used in all game situations and shows up every night.

    26th Overall: Calgary Flames
    Tomas Marcinko, C
    Kosice Jr. (Slovakia)
    6'4'' 187lbs.

    This right-shooting centerman has a huge frame and should fill out to 200-210 when all is said and done. The Flames consider Tomas the BPA at this spot and decide to take a chance on him believing he could developp into a two-way monster for their 2nd line. He has an high overall skill-set and is a very smart player. Skates very well too. Oustanding playmaker.

    27th Overall: Dallas Stars
    Leland Irving, G
    Everett (WHL)
    6'0'' 177lbs.

    The Stars think highly of the Silvertips' starter and pick him 27th. With no real potential starter in their pipeline, and with Turco getting old, I think Irving is a perfect fit for the Stars. He has the potential to become a very nice starter in the NHL even though he's a bit skinny. This butterfly goaltender moves very well, has great rebound control, is very tough to beat down low and has amazingly quick reflexes.

    28th Overall: Ottawa Senators
    Artem Anisimov, C
    Yaroslavl Jr (Russia)
    6'3'' 187lbs.

    The Senators think they found a gem in Anisimov and can't believe he fell that far. Anisimov is a big center with incredible offensive instinct that plays good defense. He has the potential to become one of the league's best 2nd line center. His skickhanling is top notch and he's also a fiesty competitor and works very hard.

    29th Overall: Detroit Red Wings
    Kaspars Daugavins, LW
    HK Riga (Latvia)
    5'11'' 180lbs.

    The Red Wings surprise everybody by taking this Latvian kid. Daugavins has incredible offensive tools and the sky is the limit for him. He's not that much of a boom or bust type of prospect because he can play good defense in his own end. He's a very smart player although he isn't the biggest one and is not that strong along the boards. His offensive instinct can't be denied though.

    30th Overall: St. Louis Blues
    Dennis Persson, D
    Vasteras Jr. (Sweden)
    6'1'' 181lbs.

    This smart puck-moving defenseman becomes the 2nd blueliner to be taken by the Blues in the first round. They think Persson is the PBA at this point and do not hesitate to pick up him. He sees the ice very well and loves to join the rush. He has nice offensive tools but needs to work on his defensive game a bit although it's not that bad. He works very hard and knows what he has to do in order to improve his overall game.

    2nd Round

    31st Overall: St. Louis Blues
    Trevor Lewis, C

    32nd Overall: Pittsburgh Penguins
    Nigel Williams, D

    33rd Overall: Chicago Blackhawks
    Ivan Vishnevsky, D

    34th Overall: Washington Capitals
    Yuri Alexandrov, D

    35th Overall: Washington Capitals
    Cal Clutterback, RW

    36th Overall: Columbus Blue Jackets
    Codey Burki, C

    37th Overall: Boston Bruins
    Ondrej Fiala, C

    38th Overall: Anaheim Ducks
    Michal Grabner, LW

    39th Overall: Philadelphia Flyers
    Jesse Joenssu, LW

    40th Overall: Minnesota Wild
    Brian Strait, D

    41st Overall: Phoenix Coyotes
    Ben Shutron, D

    42nd Overall: Philadelphia Flyers
    Carl Sneep, D

    43rd Overall: Atlanta Thrashers
    Jamie McBain, D

    44th Overall: Toronto Maple Leafs
    Jamie McGinn, LW

    45th Overall: Buffalo Sabres
    Mike Weber, D

    46th Overall: Edmonton Oilers
    Cory Emmerton, LW

    47th Overall: Buffalo Sabres
    Ryan White, C

    48th Overall: Los Angeles Kings
    Tomas Kana, RW

    49th Overall: Phoenix Coyotes
    Semen Varlamov, G

    50th Overall: Montreal Canadiens
    Blake Geoffrion, RW

    51st Overall: Boston Bruins
    Joey Ryan, D

    52nd Overall: Colorado Avalanche
    Oskar Osala, C

    53rd Overall: Washington Capitals
    Tony Lagerstrom, C

    54th Overall: San Jose Sharks
    Matthew Corrente, D

    55th Overall: NY Rangers
    Jan-Mikael Juutilainen, C

    56th Overall: Philadelphia Flyers
    Jhonas Enroth, G

    57th Overall: Nashville Predators
    Nick Foligno, LW

    58th Overall: Buffalo Sabres
    Matt Beleskey, LW

    59th Overall: New Jersey Devils
    Shawn Mathias, C

    60th Overall: Calgary Flames
    Brad Marchand, C

    61st Overall: Carolina Hurricanes
    Nikolai Kulemin, LW

    62nd Overall: New-York Islanders
    Kirill Tulupov, D

    63rd Overall: Chicago Blackhawks
    Christoph Gawlik, LW

    64th Overall: Detroit Red Wings
    Jonas Junland, D

    3rd Round

    65th Overall: St. Louis Blues
    Bobby Hughes, C

    66th Overall: Pittsburgh Penguins
    Keith Seabrook, D

    67th Overall: Philadelphia Flyers
    Theo Peckham, D

    68th Overall: New Jersey Devils
    Robert Nyholm, LW

    69th Overall: Boston Bruins
    Bryce Swan, LW

    70th Overall: Columbus Blue Jackets
    Eric Gryba, D

    71st Overall: New York Islanders
    Reto Berra, G

    72nd Overall: New York Islanders
    Riley Holzapfel, C

    73rd Overall: Minnesota Wild
    Francois Bouchard, LW

    74th Overall: Florida Panthers
    Michael Ratchuk, D

    75th Overall: Los Angeles Kings
    John DeGray, D

    76th Overall: Atlanta Thrashers
    Robin Figren, C

    77th Overall: Toronto Maple Leafs
    Jonas Ahnelov, D

    78th Overall: St. Louis Blues
    Felix Schutz, C

    79th Overall: Tampa Bay Lightning
    Joe Palmer, G

    80th Overall: Montreal Canadiens
    Jeff Petry, D

    81st Overall: Edmonton Oilers
    Ryan Hillier, LW

    82nd Overall: Colorado Avalanche
    Andreas Nodl, RW

    83rd Overall: Vancouver Canucks
    Kevin Montgomery, D

    84th Overall: Anaheim Ducks
    Shane Simms, D

    85th Overall: NY Rangers
    Derrick Lapoint, D

    86th Overall: San Jose Sharks
    Constantin Braun, LW

    87th Overall: Los Angeles Kings
    David Kveton, RW

    88th Overall: Calgary Flames
    Ryan Turek, C

    89th Overall: New York Islanders
    Vladimir Zharkov, LW

    90th Overall: Calgary Flames
    Chad Greenan, D

    91st Overall: Carolina Hurricanes
    Timo Seppanen, D

    92nd Overall: Dallas Stars
    Ben Wright, D

    93rd Overall: Ottawa Senators
    Rhett Rakhshani, LW

    94th Overall: Detroit Red Wings
    Niclas Andersen, D
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    Parts Unknown
    nice mock, Its kinda funny how Fischer's name is being tossed around at the 9 spot now, I've seen it in a few mocks.

    now, if Minny gets Edmonton's 3rd rounder (conditional pick if Roloson is signed), does the pick change from Hillier?
  3. Marc the Habs Fan

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    I would think that 3rd would be for the 2007 draft, unless Rollie and the Oilers can agree to a deal ASAP once the finals are over. :dunno:
  4. insider

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    IF Edmonton can get Hillier in the second I'd be pleased.

    If they get Emmerton in the second and Hillier and the third, KLowe IS god :bow:
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    If Staal and Kessel both fall to the #7 spot i will be jumping for joy(although i would much rather have Kessel, but if we walk away with Staal i couldn't complain), personally i don't see either going beyond #6.

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