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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by ladybugblue, Feb 16, 2005.

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    I think most fans at this point in time are angry and sad about the cancellation especially since it seemed so close to a deal happening. Here are some of the issues that I think both sides need to look at and resolve before further negiotiations are even attempted.
    The NHL...Detailed Revenue sharing agreement between the owners...they need to trust each other and make it clear how it will work. Stop the public PR compaign...they need to work with the NHLPA behind closed doors...I don't think fans want to know all the ins and outs of every detail of the business.
    The NHLPA...Much better communication within their groups. On several occasions the players learned through the media what they had offered. What if they offered something that when put to a vote would have been turned down? They at least need to be informed. It has been embarrassing for the players to find out publicly what they had offered. They need to do an independent audit of the books. This is a reality that they should have been looked at sooner but the sooner they do this the easier it is to see the issues.

    Now how they get to an economic system I am not sure but they then need to look at the rules of the game and a joint strategy to get the fans back after all of this mess is over. Brainstorming between the two groups may help to bridge some of the divide between the two sides that exists.

    Unfortunately the two sides are a fault to different degrees once each sides owns up to the parts they contributed to things can start to work out. Just like when they are playing on the ice fans of different teams are very competitive so are the players AND owners...why do you think they want some protections, as they get caught up in the game and the competitive nature of the league as much as the fans and players do. Last year Leaf and Philly fans were on each other, now it is like it is either the PA or the doesn't have to be either how about working on a better deal that works for all sides, including the fans.
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