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Discussion in 'The Business of Hockey' started by Romans12_12, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Alright to sum up my problem:

    For my comparative politics class I have to write a comparative study. I have convined my teacher to allow me to do a comparison on the developmental youth and junior hockey systems in three different countries. I need to analyze them, compare them and then make conclusions based on success of players from those countries etc etc. The three countries I am choosing are USA, Canada and Germany (or Russia if German info is to scarce). What I need help on is if people can direct me to online (or even print) resources that give lots of information on the various stages of youth hockey programs/national training systems (and styles) in any or all of these countries as well as demographic info such as popularity of hockey (through tv ratings, attendance and participants in hockey) number of rinks around the country, government funding for developing hockey programs and philosophies each country has in style of developing their players (certainly there are different aspects of the game which are promoted more or less in the USA and Canada and parts of Europe).

    Any help on any of these issues will be greatly, no.... SUPER GREATLY appreciated. And those of you who have knowledge of any of these things personaly, please feel free to share that knowledge with me. I might not be able to use an HF board post as an official source on my paper, but it will still help me in writing.

    Also, I am going to post this in another forum, the canadian junior hockey forum. I apologize for the repeat posts, but I feel people who frequent there might be able to help me as well. Thanks again...

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