I'll give the players what they want

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by me2, Sep 15, 2004.

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    They want to ensure there is no hard cap on salaries. Here's how to do that and keep the owners happy. It doesn't even have a luxury cap in it.

    1. No abitration. Not for players, not for owners.
    2. UFA age moved to 35
    3. Teams may not bid on other teams RFAs
    4. Qualifying offers start at 50% of previous contract.
    5. Drafted once, no reentering, no early UFAs, no college loopholes.
    6. No waivers.

    If you get drafted by a rich team, expect a good wage. If you get drafted by a poor team, expect a bad wage for working career cause you aren't getting away.
  2. capman29

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    the player counter proposal is as followers:

    1. luxury tax
    2. no abitration
    3. revenue sharing
    4. first contract wage scale
    5. URF at end of any contract
    6. draft 3 round only
    7. no two way contracts
    8. betman and the rest of that staff fired and the players must approve new commissionor.
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