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Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by Chayos, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Teh players don't seem happy accepting a salary cap at this late date. Teh union seems a mess to me and I am willing to bet that Bettman is trying to get his deal accepted because of it!

    The irony is if the player were smart they would look at getting a $30 million dollar min instead of a $53 million dollar max they would be better off. I

    There are about 5 teams that will go above the $42.5 million number and to the max of about $11.4 million or so.


    Where as there are 17 teams that after the 24% roll back would have to add payroll to get to the minimum and some like pitts would have to come up close to 20 million.

    There is way more money on the table in teh lower end than in the upper end, but the players are being lead by an idiot that doesn't see the reality of the picture.

    Players have to give in the $42.5 million to get the floor they want and they would be better off.

    It would force the owners to share revenue significantly or risk losing half the league to bankrupcy.I would go so far as to propose a 100% salary cap at $35 million so that a pool of money is created by the money teams for the lower revenue teams to spend on players.

    The players can give into the owners on the top end cap and come out better if they could only see it.

    FORCE the owners to Share revenues by accepting their top end number!

    a 30 mill min guarentees the players a min of 900 miilion dollars in revenues with more than that likely as top end teams spend to keep together talent.
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