Hugh Jessiman potential ?

Discussion in 'NHL Draft - Prospects' started by CH Wizard, Jan 8, 2005.

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    I'm seeing that he's rated as 7.5B.That means , he's projected to become a second line forward.He's a safe prospect though.He had 2 good seasons with Darmouth but this year he has been slowed down by injuries.I think he was drafted a little bit too early in the 2003 draft.As like I saw, nobody putted him in their first round , in the ''2003 draft revisited'' thread.I guess , his stuck slowed down a lot since the draft.He has good size though.That's gonna help him at any level.I saw him once from what I saw he isn't physical.

    So what's his potential (do you see him one day become a first line forward)?
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    I could see Jessiman being a bit hit or miss. I wouldn't be surprised if he was Keith Tkachuk or an AHLer. I guess he could fall somewhere in between. He was picked a bit earlier then expected, but most lists had him ranked as a 1st rounder as far as I know. The Rangers had wanted Phaneuf, but he didn't make it that far :madfire: ... I forgot who the first two on the Rangers list were, but #3 was Phaneuf and #4 was Jessiman. I think MAF was one of the top 2. Anyways the Rangers thought highly of him. I'm optimistic because he's huge, and works really hard... hopefully he'll work out.
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    he has the potential to be a 1st liner but who knows if he'll reach it...he's a project pick, not a guy who will jump into the NHL in 2 years. i think he'll need at least another 2 years before he'll be ready. doesn't help that he's out for the regular season this year cuz of injury

    he doesn't seem to be the bruiser type power forward but i dont' think he's soft or can't use his size. wicked shot...good passing skills, pretty good skating. just needs time to put it together, if he can. he has a good work ethic though so i like to think he'll put in the effort needed
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