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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Fan.At, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Jan Hrdina, who featured big in Nashville GM Tony Kapfenberger's plan for next season has left the team and signed a deal in Sweden with HV71. It appears that Hrdina was brought to the airport straight away from a team barbecue hosted by Kapfenberger. Teammates said that Hrdina didn't look well when he left to the restrooms, they suspected he took too much of the hot sauces served at the barbecue. When he did not come back to the party after half an hour, team officials went to the restroom and found it locked. When the doors were opened, Hrdina was gone through the window. A neighbour said he saw a guy climbing out of the window and jumping into a big white BMW, the same car player agent Reggie Swingstein is driving.

    When asked about the situation, GM Kapfenberger said: "I don't know the reasons for Jan's department yet. Apparently he has signed a deal in Sweden - I doubt he can earn more money there. We're waiting for info from Mr. Swingstein."

    The team awarded Hrdina a multi-year contract extension and expected him to contribute big on the 2nd line next year between wingers Rob Niedermayer and Sean Avery. "Negotiations were tough at the time and now he leaves without saying a word. We do not even know who the guy in the BMW was."

    Team lawyers were unable for comment, but it seems likely that the team will max out their possibilities in this case. Stay tuned for Mr. Swingsteins comment on this story.
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    Just days after Jackets' GM Doug Emerson thought he had addressed his 4th line depth with the signing of Rem Murray came the news that Murray had exercised an "out" clause in his contract in order to play the upcoming season with HIFK in Finland.

    Neither Mr. Murray or his agent, Reggie Swingstein, could be reached for comment.

    "I haven't had a chance to confirm with Murray's agent", Emerson told reporters, "but those clauses are now standard operating precedure in the HFNHL. It's only fair: the HFNHL has benefitted from the best of European talent coming to North America to play in our league for years now; now the European leagues get something back.

    "It does leave us in a bit of a pickle, though."

    Barring a late free agent addition, it now appears a good bet that the Jackets will start with at least two rookie forwards in the lineup on opening night - Steve Bernier, who observers have pencilled in on the second line with Henrik Sedin and Slava Kozlov, and fellow power-forward Dustin Penner, who was already being looked at as a possible 4th line addition, and now looks like a lock.

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