How to improve my roster?

Discussion in 'General Fantasy Talk' started by Chadley, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Chadley

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    Sep 19, 2005
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    Edmonton, Alberta
    Granlund, Mikael C - MIN
    Malkin, Evgeni C,W - PIT
    Palmieri, Kyle C,W - ANA
    Staal, Eric C - CAR
    Brown, Dustin W - LA
    Eriksson, Loui W - BOS
    Hansen, Jannik W - VAN
    Kassian, Zack W - VAN
    Kesler, Ryan C,W - VAN
    Saad, Brandon W - CHI
    Simmonds, Wayne W - PHI
    Tarasenko, Vladimir W - STL
    Coyle, Charlie C,W - MIN
    Hartnell, Scott W - PHI

    Enstrom, Tobias D - WPG
    Larsson, Adam D - NJ
    Moore, John D - NYR
    Rielly, Morgan (R) D - TOR
    Trouba, Jacob (R) D - WPG
    Weber, Shea D - NAS
    DeKeyser, Danny (R) D - DET
    Suter, Ryan D - MIN

    Nyquist, Gustav C,W - DET
    Zibanejad, Mika C - OTT
    Jensen, Nicklas (R) W - VAN

    Holtby, Braden G - WAS
    Rinne, Pekka G - NAS

    1Pt-A, 3Pt-GWG, 2Pt-G, 5Pt-Hat Trick, 2Pt-Fighting, 1Pt-+/-, 1Pt-SHA, 1Pt-SHG, 1Pt-PPP

    I'll start off by saying this league is a little confusing, and impossible to improve your team. For example we can't pick up any players during the season unless one team drops a player, and that player has to go through waivers.

    I know my team has some players that aren't of any value fantasy wise.(Dekeyser, Kassian, and Larsson for example) However they were available and I needed to fill out my roster.

    I just need a little advice. Who should I trade? Who should I trade for? Also I want to know what you guys think about our points system, I think we could make some changes.
  2. ChrisWinsor

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    So extra 3 points for a GWG? Or 1 on top of the 2 for the goal?
    + is 1 point and - is negative 1 point? Thats a lot when Assists and SHP are worth 1

    Id say something like G=3, A=2, Fight = 3, +- 1, PPP extra 1, SHP extra 1 or 2
    I hate GWG, its random and just makes goal scorers worth more. Hat trick could be worth extra 5.

    You should change your add/drop system, it doesnt seem to make sense. As far as advice, trades are too hard to advise on given we dont know the other rosters. Just try to drop Kassian, LArsson and all the garbage players you have. Unless you're in a 12+ league there should be better players to pick up/.

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