how to cut the nhl wage bill(players)

Discussion in 'Fugu's Business of Hockey Forum' started by hunter1909*, Oct 14, 2004.

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  1. hunter1909*

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    here is how to cut down on nhl player salaries...

    everyone knows hockey isnt anywhere near as well played at the start of any given

    pay the players less...

    like...LOL...offer them 40% for the 1st month of the season...less than what they get now...

    after xmas they get 60%...LOL....

    by march theyre on 70%...

    unless their team fails to make the playoffs the rest LOL...unless they of course MISS the playoffs...then they receive nothing
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    interesting concept, however i think it punishes the roleplayers or anyone who makes under 1 or 2 mil. as their cuts would be smaller than the weekly/bimonthly checks they get now, it would be an interesting take on things as it would seemingly make the salary dump trades come sooner rather than later at the deadline, but as i said, i think things would have to be done to protect those making less than 1 - 2 mil
  3. hunter1909*

    hunter1909* Guest

    aww...the poor role players LOL...

    i guess they can go get jobs like the rest of the world then...poor lambs
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