How many players on your WJC team will become NHL regulars?

Discussion in 'International Tournaments' started by TK79, Jan 3, 2006.

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    On the Finnish team I feel there are 4-7 guys who fit this profile:


    1. Lauri Tukonen: A budding power-forward with a good skills. Will likely develop into a top-six forward who scores 20-30 goals and 50-60 points a season. Has the intangibles to play almost every role on a team.

    2. Tuukka Rask: The next great Finnish goaltending prospect. Has some issues with stamina and consistency, but deffinetly has the tools to develop into a starting goalie in the NHL. Game-breaking ability.

    3. Lauri Korpikoski: The most exciting player to watch on the Finnish team. Great wheels and game-breaking speed. A good set of skills. However, there are some questions to how consistently he can score on the NHL-level. Probably can put up the same type of numbers as Tukonen.

    4. Jesse Joensuu: Once considered a potentional 1-overall pick in 2006, Joensuu has seen his stock drop quite a bit during the last year. It's been said that his skills haven't really developed during the last year. I feel Jesse would have benefited from playing Canadian junior-hockey this season instead of playing a checking role in the SM-liiga. His intangibles (size, psysical play, puck-handling) make him a lock to drafted in the first round (i'd guess he's selected between 8-25). Could develop into anything from a first-line power-forward to a third-line two-way guy, as big guys take a bit longer to develop.

    Good chance:

    5. Teemu Laakso: The best defenseman in an extremly weak Finnish age-group. Good all-around player whose size could could hinder his success in the NHL. Potentional top-six d-man.

    6. Karri Rämö: Has been overshadowed by Rask in the tournament, but is still a very good goalie in his own right. Probably not good enough to be a starting goalie, but could be a good back-up in the NHL.


    7. Mikko Lehtonen: Probably the most skilled guy on the Finnish team. Has issues with work-ethic and attitude. A real boom or bust prospect.
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