Hockey Losing Its Canadian Uniqueness: McCown Show

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by puckhead103*, May 21, 2007.

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    I was listening to the "Torontocentric" McCown show (he was on vacation) and the subject was about how hockey in Canada losing its uniqueness..

    The panel, whom I didn't get their names, mentioned that sports like soccer and basketball are becoming to be more popular among young fans.

    New immigrants are not gravitating towards hockey because the sport has economic and racial barriers.

    You have to be white to play hockey and be part of a higher economic level just afford hockey equipment.

    Also, more people are moving to cities and moving away from prairie towns, so you lose a sense of hockey pride by moving into cities like toronto, etc...

    Hockey, according to panel, does not have individualistic players like you see in the NBA.

    One panelist had said that, "you have stars named Lebron, or Kobe or Shaq that dominate the sport." In hockey, he states "you have a guy like Todd Marchant being stiched up and saying ya, ya". Hockey players, the panelist mentioned, are the most boring of athletes.

    Another topic from the panelist brought up is Ottawa, now in the Cup Finals, is now
    "Canada's Team." One panelist mentioned the support for Ottawa being in the finals is low. If this was Toronto in the Finals, the panelist mentioned, the support would be enormous.

    Also some of panelist mentioned that in a couple of years, the baby boomers, whom right now are in 50's and 60s, will die out. The question of this is who is going to pass the torch to the new generation of fans who are moving away from hockey and embracing video games, soccer, and basketball.

    Do you think Hockey might become irrelevant in the future because of the factors I stated or is this debate futile because the point of Canada is losing its hockey heritage is coming from a Toronto-centric point of view?
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    so, was this mccown talking, or who...?

    No offence, but is this anything other than an excuse to rip on a Toronto radio station for being Toronto-centric? I mean, these points are not only played out, but they pretty much answer themselves...
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