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    Hey boys! I'm the commissioner of hockey4life GMC, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Games have just started and the league is half full. We are a league that is going to be ACTIVE, so if you don't think you will be dedicated, don't join. See you out on the Ice boys!

    Please Join the forums before you join the GMC, because I will decline your GMC offer if you fail to do so.
    League Links:
    League name: Hockey 4 life
    (Please sign up for your teams through that link, if you want to go to the homepage of the website click here.

    1. ROSTERS: The season will begin with "Current NHL Rosters". The salary cap will be in play for authenticity.

    2. GAMES:
    :We will begin the season by playing 4 weeks worth of games in one week of real life time. TUESDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS will be our League Advance nights. This allows for us to get as many seasons in as possible. If you still have unplayed games by the the end of the schedule period, and cannot play those games, please set your team to "SIM" mode so that other players can still play your team. If the games are all played before hand, the commissioner will advance the league to the next scheduled week.

    2b. PLAYOFFS: | The playoffs will be played with a tweaked format of 5 game series. We will allocate a 1 week period for the games to be played. If all series are completed before the allocated 1 week period, commissioner will advance the league forward.

    3. GAMEPLAY:
    If you cannot make your games, please set your team to 'SIM'. Failure to post in the game absents thread and/or communicate/respond for trade requests etc will result in your removal from the league. Be sure to let your opponents know that you have enabled them to play against your CPU.

    3b. SCHEDULING: Please use the game scheduling thread on the forums as well to schedule your games. Please ensure every effort is made to communicate with your scheduled teams to try and get a game played in time. If your team is NOT set to sim and you do not communicate or respond to scheduling requests will result in your removal from the league.

    3c. CHEATING/CHEESE GOALS: Please ensure you are playing defense first in order to assist you in winning games. If another GM is consistently scoring the same way over and over again, it is primarily the job of the defending GM to account for that strategy and play defense in order to attempt at stopping these types of situations. If however, there is an exploit being used or documented goal that for examples, goes in from the red line every time, please post game details in the CHEATING GOAL thread. The league will track the number of complaints a GM has, and will assess the situation.

    3d. TRADES: As we all know, commissioner has to approve all trades that are made. Commissioner will provide an unbiased opinion to all trades. If a decision cannot be made, the trade will go to a league vote for a 24 hour period. Multi-player deals are allowed, including players and draft picks, but trades must be fair. Trading to CPUs will be prohibited.

    4. GAME STYLE/DIFFICULTY: The league will be played on All-Star settings.

    FA Signings and Trades: Please feel free to make offers on FA and completed trades as you wish. FAs will not accept or reject offers until the league pushes forward, so if there are multiple offers on the table, the FA will accept when the league pushes forward.

    5. POSITION LOCK: The league will not be allowing position lock during games.

    6. CONNECTION LOST: We all know NHL doesn't have the greatest connection between the playing parties, so here are some ground rules. Say player 1 is beating player 2 5-2, and player 2 disconnects/his connection gets lost, player 2 must give player 1 his 5 goals back, but player 1 does not have to do the same for player 2.

    Here's another example, player 1 is loosing 3-2 against player 2, but player 2 times out while hes in the lead. Player 2 must make an effort play again, but he will not be given his goals back since he timed out, nor will player 1.

    Available Teams:

    Boston Bruins: TAKEN
    Buffalo Sabres:
    Calgary Flames: TAKEN
    Carolina Hurricanes: TAKEN
    Chicago Blackhawks: TAKEN
    Colorado Avalanche: TAKEN
    Columbus Blue Jackets: TAKEN
    Dallas Stars: TAKEN
    Detroit Red Wings: TAKEN
    Edmonton Oilers: TAKEN
    Florida Panthers: TAKEN
    Los Angeles Kings TAKEN:
    Minnesota Wild:
    Montreal Canadiens: TAKEN
    Nashville Predators: TAKEN
    New Jersey Devils:
    New York Islanders: TAKEN
    New York Rangers:
    Ottawa Senators: TAKEN
    Philadelphia Flyers: TAKEN
    Phoenix Coyotes:
    Pittsburgh Penguins: TAKEN
    San Jose Sharks:TAKEN
    *. Louis Blues: TAKEN
    Tampa Bay Lightning: TAKEN
    Toronto Maple Leafs: TAKEN
    Vancouver Canucks: TAKEN
    Washington Capitals: TAKEN
    Winnipeg Jets: TAKEN
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    Wild and rangers taken

    3 more teams left

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