High Profile Prospects Who Floundered

Discussion in 'The History of Hockey' started by MarkusNaslund19, Sep 9, 2006.

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    This isn't necessarily for # 1 overall picks who didn't make it because everybody knows about Doug Wickenheiser and Brian Lawton, etc. But for Jim Carey, Blaine Lacher, or even guys like Brian Sakic (though I know Sakic was high profile only because of his last name). I'm just looking for any stories people have about these players, theories as to why it didn't work for them, etc. Again, I know many of the stories but generally by starting a thread like this you learn at least a couple of new things. I'd be especially interested in any behind the scenes knowledge that posters have.
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    Alfie Turcotte never seemed in shape to me with the Habs; he had a lot of baby fat and was weak with the puck - he didnt look like a no.8 overall pick. The french media were all over that pick. I seem to recall he did some coaching when his career ended.

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