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    With just over a week until deadline day there are some interesting races going on for playoff spots. In the Eastern conference the difference between 6th spot and 11th spot is 3 points, that leaves 6 teams that really have to think hard about what they want to do going forward both this season and down the road. In the Western conference it’s just as crazy 3 points separate 6th from and 11th, and just 5 points separate 8th from 13th. With so many teams looking to potentially be buyers it is definitely a seller’s market leading up to Wednesday.

    Here is a look at some players I think could get moved, leading up to deadline day or on deadline day. Players are listed in order of potential impact they could have on the club that may acquire them.

    Vincent Lecavalier: He has a huge contract at $7.5 million for another season and he won’t be cheap to resign after that. He also has the talent to take over a game by himself. The chances that he’s moved are very slim, but if somebody does pry him away from Toronto they could come out as a huge winner on deadline day.

    Chris Drury: Leadership and clutch goal scoring is what Drury brings to the table. He’s expensive at $6.8 million for another 2 years, so it’s unlikely somebody trades for him. If he does however get moved he has the ability to step up his play in the big game and make the difference for his club.

    Matthew Lombardi: The speedster has an expiring contract with a cap hit of $3 million. He could be an excellent 2nd line option for a club down the stretch. The bad thing with him is do you spend the money to resign him? Moving forward he does have an issue with a concussion would the team picking him up be looking at him strictly as a rental or as a guy to potentially lock up long term given he is just 28 years old?

    Todd Bertuzzi: Huge and skilled, has a cap hit of $4.9 million for this year. He’s the type of guy that have a huge impact with his size strength and skill. He has the ability to dominate down low and could impact any teams chances in a big way during the playoffs.

    Olli Jokinen: Brings size and skill to the ice at a cap hit of $6.25 million he could be to expensive for most teams. He is so inconsistent but if he gets hot he could be a huge addition for a contender. His contract is expiring so the risk is diminished.

    Roman Hamrlik: He’s probably the top defender that might be available over the next week. At $5.5 million for one more year he would be a solid pick up for any club. He can log a ton of minutes and play on both the power play and penalty kill.

    Brian Rolston: Veteran two way forward has a contract of $3 million for one more season. It’s not to bad for a guy that brings leadership scoring ability and defensive awareness. To me he has the potential to have the biggest impact down the stretch of any player that may be moved.

    Matt Cullen: Veteran forward can fill a top six role. Cap hit $4 million for 3 more years could be a bit much for somebody to take on. Not only can he provide some offense but he’s a very capable two way player. If he gets traded it’s likely to be a club that has space under the cap and expects to contend for a few years.

    Andy Sutton: Big physical veteran blue liner with a contract that pays him $3.25 million for another 2 years. The time left on his contract could be a big deterrent for teams looking to acquirer him. However he does provide a club with a capable shut down defender down the stretch.

    Mike Comrie: Really skilled and can skate but the numbers never match the talent. Has a reasonable cap hit $1.95 for one more season. He can play on the 2nd or 3rd line and on the power play. I personally think on a contender he should be no higher up than the 3rd line due to his consistency issues. If he gets hot though he could make an impact.

    Ruslan Fedotenko: Veteran forward that has a knack for scoring big goals. He makes $2.9 million for one more season. He has some speed and he isn’t afraid to muck it up either. He won’t dominate physically but he’s one of those guys that can be annoying to play against.

    Eric Belanger: has an expiring contract worth $1.65 million. He brings a solid two way game which would be key for any contender. He even has the ability to play short stints on the 2nd line in case of injuries.

    Doug Weight: Veteran center making $2.1 million this season. He is purely a rental and at this point in his career can’t be expected to play huge minutes. He will however provide a team with a setup man on the power play. In the playoffs special teams are really important.

    Mike Commodore: Physical veteran defender makes $1.4 million for the remainder of the season. He has shut down abilities to play on a contenders bottom pairing. Who doesn’t want to see that big orange afro make a deep run into the playoffs.

    Rob Niedermayer: Veteran defensive forward comes to play every game and every shift. He has 2 years lef ton his contract at $2.75 million, so he’s a risky pick up long term. He will however give a club a huge boost to the bottom six and provide a top penalty killer up front.

    Todd Marchant: Defensive forward with a contract that pays him $2.1 million for one more season. Marchant has speed not as much as he once did, but he can still out skate a lot of guys. He brings a strong defensive presence up front, and very valuable leadership.

    Ethan Moreau: Veteran player with one year left on his contract at $2.2 million. At this point he’s a 3rd probably best suited as a 4th line checker. He will give a club a guy that is responsible defensively and provide excellent leadership. The bottom line is you can’t win a cup with guys like him.

    Mark Eaton: Veteran blue liner makes $2.1 million for another 2 years. Not a bad hit for a club looking to add 6th defenseman that won’t hurt you defensively. He won’t eat a ton of minutes come playoff time but when the big guns need a rest, at least you can feel comfortable putting him on the ice for a few minutes.

    Andreas Lilja: Veteran defender with a cap hit of $1.25 million for another 3 years. He’s getting old and on a contender certainly should play anything more that a 6th man minutes on the back end. If there is a team that isn’t worried about being saddled with him for another three seasons he could be a solid depth pick up.

    Jed Ortmeyer: He’s not going to provide any scoring, but he will hit and provide a solid defensive presence for a clubs 4th line. He is one of those pesky players that nobody likes to play against. Has a contract that pays him $1.4 million for 2 more years.

    Zenon Konopka: Low cap hit at just $.5 million for the rest of the season. He doesn’t do a whole lot out there but he adds toughness and he can win face offs. In the playoffs face offs are very important. Also he’s a guy that a club could resign at a reasonable rate.

    Johan Hedberg: Can provide valuable rest for a clubs starter down the stretch. Also is the kind of guy a club can lean on for a short stretch should a team lose it’s starter to injury. The veteran goalie is a free agent at the end of the season and comes with cap hit of $2 million.

    Chris Osgood: Veteran goalie making $2,2 million for one more season after this. He isn’t going to steal the starting job, but if you want some insurance just in case your starter gets injured or you want to give him some rest down the stretch Osgood is a good choice.
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    nice work blogger, although I think you may have tanked Moreau's market value with this comment... ;-)
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    Yes I can confirm that Belanger and Fedotenko will be moved if the right offer cames along :).

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