HFNHL Red Wings Top 20 Prospects 2019

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    The Wings top 20 will have a HUGE overhaul likely next season with a ton of picks and high picks at that but its becoming a much deeper list.

    #1 C- Joseph Veleno

    Veleno comes in at number 1, the former exceptional talent has had it rough. His first 2 years in the QMJHL he just never really took off like youd expect a player allowed to play at 15. However a trade and some other factors watched him regain some value. This season he really has grown and evolved as a player with 70 points in 35GP. Projects likely as a second line center, with a slim chance as a top line center.

    #2 C-Luke Kunin

    Returned from injury this season their was some question marks if he would rejoin the big club this season. He played amazing in the minors earning a call up, and has been exactly how you would expect playing a very limited role on the Wild. Hes probably one of the guys who can slide up of down this list. He projects as a top 9 centermen best is likely a second line center.

    #3 W-Klim Kostin

    Outside of Jordan Kyruu the St Louis farm system is fairly bad. So looking at his point totals in the AHL may be misleading. Sounds like the Blues are still very high on him and project him to be at worst a second line winger. With the Blues kinda in limbo will they sell wont they sell? Will be a slow burn but i think his upside might be the best on this list.

    #4 D-Rasmus Anderson

    Rasmus has solidfied himself as a top 4 puck mover. Mostly playing on the 3rd pairing with 1 of 2 rookies he has seen some time on the top 4 and not looked out of place. The points will come given time, but hes look like a great top 4 dman for years to come.

    #5 D- Pierre Oliver Joseph

    His frame still needs work, but his skills with the puck are there. He will be a longer road prospect to get some weight on but looks like a solid top 4 puck moving defender. He was recently traded to the same team as Veleno and thats hurt his production on a deeper team meaning less minutes but results are still good.

    #6 G- Jake Oettinger

    He started out very bad which lead me to having some concerns about his future. However he's since righted the ship, and once again looking like a future number 1. Goalies are always a hard thing to predict(see later down this list). So thats why he falls abit on this list.

    #7 W- Jayce Hawryluk

    A strong AHL season earned a cup of tea with the Florida Panthers. Has played alright in a limited role so far. Hes very hard to place, on his future but looks like he could be a solid top 9 forward going forward.

    #8 D- Ben Gleason

    My biggest riser hes become a very solid potential top 6 defender. Earned a small cup of coffee when the injury bug hit the Dallas blue line. Having a strong season in the AHL but im keeping expectations tempered.

    #9 W- Ty Lewis

    Hes another riser on my list hes having a fairly decent season on a shallow Colorado farm team as a first year pro. Wonder if given the lack of scoring depth he potentially gets a look down the road?. Still looking like a top 9 forward.

    #10 W- Ostap Safin

    Hes just come back from injury and is almost a PPG. Which maybe makes you wonder why hes not higher? I think his upside is similar to the 2 above but is a bit farther in their development.

    #11 D- Fillip Westerlund

    Points are not flashy but hes holding his own in sweden, and made the Swedish world junior roster and looked good like the rest of Sweden till the medal rounds. Top 6 defensive defender.

    #12 D- Sean Day

    Strong ECHL start saw him promoted to the AHL. Like Westerlund they are interchangeable. Personally i think 8 to further down this list are all personal opinion and close that they could change at any time. Hes got top 6 potential.

    #13 D- Yegor Rykov

    Older than both day and Westerlund, hes been good playing against men in the KHL. Question is does he become a never come over or does he. I think he could be better than both of them but the russia factor worries me. Top 4/6 potential if he does.

    #14 Kiefer Sherwood

    One of the older guys on this list signed as a UDFA. He played okay in a limited role with the Ducks who just never could keep lines together due to injury. Will be interesting to see what the AHL demotion does for him.

    #15 G- Jon Gillies

    How far he has fallen, he is likely off this list by next year. The former star college goalie has, just not taken the latest demotion well. And has played rather poorly in the AHL calling in to question his future in the league. Has all the tools to be a starter, but could just be a bust.

    #16 C- Alexei Lipanov

    Struggling in North America was forgiven last season it was his first on small ice surface. This year however i had hoped he'd explode and he hasn't. Really calling in to question especially being a russian if he will stay hes still drawimg great reviews for his two way play but the offense is just missing. Top 9 center if he can figure it out.

    #17 C- Linus Karlsson

    Im really not sure what to make of him. His underlying numbers suggest he could be a gem due for a huge jump. So far though hes not doing poorly against men in the Swedish league. Hes a boom or bust guy for me, either a top 6 or not at all. Which is why he sits lower on the list and is the last guy on my interchangeable list.

    #18 W- Kyle Olson

    Potential late bloomer is having a good year in the CHL. Reason hes lower is he might just be one of the classic late risers making you think hes better than he is and just never translates as a pro. Bottom 6 player project

    #19 W- Nicholas Baptise

    I actually had no idea he is a Pred now, till doing this. Has had an okay season in the AHL hes a bottom 6 guy through and through size and grit with a bit of offense to his game. Will need to work hard to be a regular NHLer.

    #20 W- Ryan Peckford

    Not often does a player scoring at almost a PPG just decide hes going to demote himself. However thats what Peckford did, leaving the Warriors go go back to the AJHL. However reports liked what they saw of him and wonder if hes solid bottom 6 scorer down the line.
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    Eyes to the future

    Top 5 center prospects.

    1. Joe Veleno
    2. Luke Kunin
    3. Ryan Mcleod
    4. Noah Gregor
    5. Alexei Lipanov

    Top 5 Wingers

    1. Klim Kostin
    2. Jayce Hawerlyk
    3. Ty Lewis
    4. Maksim Sushko
    5. Ostap Safin

    Top 5 dmen

    1. Rasmus Anderson
    2. Pierre Oliver-Joesph
    3. Sean Day
    4. Eemile Rasanen
    5. Yegor Rykov

    Top 4 goalies
    1. Jake Oettinger
    2. Filip Gustavsson
    3. Jon Gillies
    4. Mason Macdonald

    Strengths: Depth at defense, center, and high profile goalie prospects. Large list of boom or busts

    Weakness: Wingers, high profile prospects

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