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Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Lord Stanley, May 1, 2018.

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    1, Dallas Stars - Rasmus Dahlin
    It was merely minutes after the draft lottery was officially complete that the Star GM proclaimed the young Swede would be the first pick overall.

    2, Calgary Flames - Brady Tkachuk
    Arguably the biggest winner in the lottery moving up from 11th overall. The Flames have had some bad luck when selecting Russians in the past, and it’s well known that the GM loved Tkachuks performance at the world juniors. This pick could change hands as the Flames have said the pick is on the block.

    3, Washington Capitals - Andrei Svechnikov
    For the Capitals it comes down to the Russian or Filip Zadina. It’s simply going to be to hard for the Capitals to pass up a guy that scored at almost a goal per game pace in his first OHL season.

    4, Buffalo Sabres - Filip Zadina
    The Sabres had high hopes of landing the first pick overall turning down countless trade offers all season long for their first round pick. A little bit of bad luck here as they drop two spots to the 4th overall selection. The good news for them is that they are getting a sniper which they really need moving forward.

    5, Minnesota Wild - Adam Boqvist
    The Wild aren’t shy when it comes to selecting european players. After selecting Brannstrom last year, the Wild go back to the well to select another undersized offensive dynamo defensemen from Sweden.

    6, New York Rangers - Quinn Hughes
    The Rangers are starting a rebuild and the farm has some good forward depth but lacks on the defensive side. The Rangers also like to select American players there is a little debate between Hughes and Wahlstrom here but in the end with the lack of defence in the system the Rangers end up with Hughes.

    7, Philadelphia Flyers - Oliver Wahlstrom
    The Flyers have an incredibly deep farm system. If there is a weakness it is on the back end. However flyers GM is known not to like selecting players from the Q and we believe that he doesn't see much room for growth in Bouchards game. As a result the Flyers select the sniper with silky smooth hands as the saying goes in Philly he can really stick handle in a shower shall.

    8, Carolina Hurricanes - Noah Dobson
    The Hurricanes have a couple options here, and could use some help on the blue line moving forward. The choices are Dobson, Bouchard, Smith or Wilde and the Hurricanes go with who they feel is most likely to reach their potential here.

    9, Arizona Coyotes - Jesperi Kotkaniemi
    There is going to be a lot of debate here at this pick, do they trade it or do they keep it and select Even Bouchard or somebody else? I feel Kotkaniemi fits the Coyotes mold for the type of player that they typically select.

    10, Columbus Blue Jackets - Evan Bouchard
    The Jackets are in the middle of a rebuild and have a good stable of you talented forwards. Whats really missing is some defenders and although they have Dante Fabbro he can’t do it alone.

    11, Dallas Stars - Bode Wilde
    The Stars biggest need is defenders and they have really filled that need here with this draft. First Dahlin and now Wilde here. Some might view this pick as a reach but the Stars see a big right hand shot defender with huge upside that can really skate.

    12, Vegas Golden Knights - Joe Veleno
    The Knights could use some help down the middle and on the back end. With this pick they go with a player who's been on scouts radars for a long time now. Valero fits the bill for what the Vegas GM looks for intelligent two way players with some offensive upside.

    13, Vancouver Canucks - Joel Farabee
    The Canucks haven’t missed the playoffs in a long time thanks to good drafting and smart trades. They don’t take long to make this selection grabbing Farabee who slides a little in this draft due to size concerns and positional needs.

    14, Carolina Hurrincanes - Ty Smith
    Although the Canes took Dobson earlier in the round and would like to select a forward with their second pick. I don’t think they can’t pass on Smith a second time.

    15, Vegas Golden Knights - Barrett Hayton
    Despite the need for a defender the Knights go select Hayton giving the club another down the middle player with two way skills and under rated offensive abilities. With one more pick later in the first the Knights can get a defender then.
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    Great mock draft. Better than the commish’s!!
  3. Tom HFNHL Stars

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    I love it!! If the Stars cant package the 11th pick + ?? to move up in the draft, you nailed my pick (assuming Bode Wilde is available at 11). Great Mock Draft.
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  4. Regal Beagles

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    Agreed. Booooooooooooooo commish! Yay strong mock draft!!!!!
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    1. Dallas Stars (lottery winner) Dahlin
    2. Calgary Flames Svechnikov
    3. Washington Capitals Brady Kechup 2 brother same team
    4. Buffalo Sabres Zadina for sure
    5. Minnesota Wild Quinton tarantino Hughes the wizard
    6. New York Rangers Wahlstrom NCAA girl
    7. Philadelphia Flyers Boqvist nice swedish hair
    8. Carolina Hurricanes Evan Bouchard BPA
    9. Arizona Coyotes Barrett Hayton OHL scout
    10. Columbus Blue Jackets Noah Dobson don't know why but
    too easy

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