HFNHL Oilers Trade Block: TJ Oshie Edition

Discussion in 'HFNHL Talk' started by Canuck09, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Many of you have asked about TJ Oshie over the last couple seasons and the answer was generally a quick "not available". While nothing is certain at this point, the framework of a deal involving Oshie is in place and he could find himself leaving Edmonton in the near future. I feel I'd be potentially hurting my team if I didn't put word out to everyone before pulling the trigger on a deal so here's your notice.

    I'm not after picks and would be very unlikely to accept prospects unless they are very good and ready to play in the HFNHL next year. I'm after a top 6 forward in the 24-28 age range and would consider adding to Oshie if the player is a significant step above him.

    Catch me via email, MSN or BBM in the HFNHL group with the other cool kids. :sarcasm:

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