Great little article from 1974 on the Fightin' Flyers

Discussion in 'Hockey Fights' started by spintheblackcircle, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Despite the menacing figures they cut on the ice, the Hound and the Hammer stubbornly insist they are misunderstood. "People think we're bloody animals, out there just to fight," says Dave Schultz (left), the pugnacious ringleader of Philadelphia's Broad Street Bullies. "Listen," says sparring partner Bob Kelly, "we're just two nice guys trying to do our jobs the best way we can." Uh-huh, and Bobby Clarke skates on double-runners. Says one NHL player, " Schultz and Kelly make the old big bad Bruins seem like a bunch of Little Lord Fauntleroys."
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    Nice find.

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